eBay CPaSS

Cross Border Parcel Shipping Solution

At eBay, we are committed to providing consistent and reliable shipping solutions for our customers. With that, we are glad to introduce the new eBay shipping platform, CPaSS (Cross-Border Parcel Shipping Solution).

CPaSS Introduction


CPaSS is a one-stop shipping platform that offers a broad carrier selection and seamless integration with eBay. CPaSS empowers sellers to sell globally by offering the following functionality:

  1. One-stop account management: manage orders from multiple eBay accounts
  2. More carrier options: integrated with 7 global logistics partners
  3. E-customs clearance: auto-transfer IOSS for electronic customs clearance
  4. Streamlined shipping information flow: hands free label printing process
  5. Enhanced SKU management: more effective shipment prepare operation
  6. Friendly user interface: handy shipping order management

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