Facts on France VAT

As a Cross Border Trade (CBT) seller, you must register for a French VAT ID if your sales to French buyers exceed 35K Euros in a calendar year. In order to comply with the VAT policy, you must:

Display a valid French VAT ID in the “Business Seller Information” in My eBay.
Display your company name or an individual’s name in “Business Seller Information”
Your company’s name or individual’s name displayed must match the VAT ID owner found on the EU VIES website.
File monthly and annual tax returns, and pay your taxes.

You may to register for VAT with any of the vendors listed below:

FRENCH VAT Vendor Contact




J&P Accountant:


Failure to meet your VAT obligations is a serious criminal offence. If you do not appear to be meeting your VAT obligations on EU sites, your account may be blocked from selling and your active listings removed. You will need to update your account with a valid VAT number and contact us before we can remove any selling restriction.