SEA Service Metric: Unsatisfactory Delivery Rate

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What you need to know

Starting from August 25th 2019, sellers will be evaluated on the number of transactions with delivery-related issues. Sellers who do not comply or consistently fall short of expectations may have their selling limits reduced or account(s) restricted.

Best practices

As a seller, shipping your items in a timely and reliable manner is crucial to provide buyers with a great shipping experience. Most of the time when something goes wrong, it is due to delays, inaccuracies, or lack of visibility related to the delivery of an item. You’re expected to follow these best practices:

  • Ship items within your specified handling time

  • Use reliable shipping providers that offer shipment tracking

  • Manage inventory and keep items well stocked

  • Charge reasonable shipping and handling costs

  • Specify shipping costs and handling time in the listing

  • Follow through on your return policy

  • Respond to buyers’ questions within 3 working days

  • Be helpful, friendly, and professional throughout a transaction 

Evaluation criteria

eBay will evaluate the rate of transactions with delivery-related issues for items shipped from Southeast Asia or Greater China, defined as the percentage of transactions where a buyer:

  • Filed an Item Not Received (INR) case, or

  • Escalated an Item Not Received (INR) case

How are you being evaluated?

Evaluation Frequency

Every Wednesday

Evaluation Window

Past 12 weeks from evaluation date.
Please refer below as an example:

Week 1 - 12: Evaluation Period 1

Week 13: Report 1

Week 2 - 13: Evaluation Period 2

Week 14: Report 2

Week 3 - 14: Evaluation Period 3

Week 15: Report 3

Seller Protection

Transactions that meet the requirements below will be excluded from evaluation:

Fully-Tracked Service
• If an acceptance (A-Scan) is uploaded and validated with your specified handling time, and
• Delivery Scan (D-Scan) is recorded within the estimated delivery date.

SpeedPak Service (for items shipped from China)
For sellers who ship their items from China, transactions adopting SpeedPak are protected as long as the following criteria are met:
• Adopted SpeedPak service (with Tracking ID), and
• Seller offers SpeedPak option and buyer selects this option, and
• A-scan is uploaded and validated within specified handling time, and
• No service downgrade.

We also strongly encourage sellers to use one of the integrated services on our SEAPaSS shipping platform, as well as the recommended shipping services below. 

Consequences for non-compliant account (s)

Your account’s performance will be compared against other sellers within an evaluation cycle. Sellers with consistently high Unsatisfactory Delivery Rate relative to their peers may be subjected to various actions (such as selling limit reduction or account restriction).

If a delivery-related claim against a seller is found to be invalid, the claim will not be counted towards performance and the feedback (if any) will be hidden. 

Account performance 

Please visit your Seller Dashboard to find out more details. 

To provide sellers time to comply with the new policy, eBay will start implementing the above evaluation criteria on November 20th 2019 and the first evaluation window will cover transactions from August 25th 2019 – November 16th 2019. Sellers who do not comply after warning may have their selling limits reduced or account(s) restricted.

Recommended shipping services


Service Name

Carrier Name in eBay

Singapore Post

  • Registered Mail/Article

  • Speedpost

  • ePac

Singapore Post

DHL eCommerce

  • DHL Parcel International Direct

  • DHL Parcel International Standard

  • DHL Packet Plus International Standard

  • DHL Packet Plus International Direct Expedited

DHL eCommerce

Thailand Post 

  • International Registered Article/Mail

  • EMS

  • ePacket

Thailand Post 

Malaysia Post 

  • Registered Article/Mail

  • EMS

  • International Small Packet (Tracked)

  • International Air Parcel

Malaysia Post


  • FedEx International First

  • FedEx International Priority

  • FedEx International Economy



  • UPS Worldwide Express

  • UPS Worldwide Express Saver

  • UPS Worldwide Expedited


DHL Express 

  • DHL Express Service



  • Priority Mail Express International

  • Priority Mail International



1. How do I check my performance?

You can visit your Seller Dashboard to find out more details. The details for your performance will be refreshed every Wednesday.

2. My acceptance scan (A-Scan) was uploaded and validated within my listing’s specified handling time, but the item was delivered late due to carrier’s negligence – am I still considered at fault?

We appreciate your effort in ensuring that the acceptance scan was recorded within your handling time and will take your efforts into account when evaluating your account for non-compliance. That being said, we would strongly encourage our sellers to use our SEAPaSS shipping platform or any of our recommended shipping services to reduce these types of issues.

3. What if my A-scan was uploaded within the specified handling time but it was only validated the day after the specified handling time?

Please do ensure that your A-Scan is uploaded and validated within the specified handling time. Otherwise, it will be considered as a transaction in which tracking was not uploaded on time.

4. Am I able to appeal for the action taken against my account?

Yes. If you have evidence to support that eBay’s evaluation was applied incorrectly, you may contact Customer Support to submit an appeal (please refer to the following question regarding the appeal process).

5. What are the requirements for an appeal?

In order to be eligible for an appeal, sellers must provide evidence to support the claim. For example: If the delivery delay is due to customs hold, kindly provide the official supporting documents when you appeal.





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