Attention to detail and quality control

Hi. My name is Roger from J316.

I’m in charge of Sales & Operations for J316. I sell industrial parts with a focus on semiconductor parts.

Operate with Excellence

My personal motto is ‘Operate with Excellence’, and all my team members are strong advocates of this practice as well.

For example, procuring the merchandise is my responsibility. And I make sure I procure surplus parts locally and internationally to offer quality and price variety to my customers.

After the merchandise has been delivered; they will be tagged, tested and recorded in the store’s inventory system.

We have a strict SOP in our operations structure.

Firstly, all parts whether brand new or surplus, are inspected and tested for Quality Control extensively.

Secondly, a full-time professional photographer will ensure that the items are photographed clearly and from multiple angles.

This is done so that our customers can see all the important details such as serial and part numbers.

It’s an important step to ensure that customers know exactly what they are buying. This minimizes items returned cases due to wrong specifications.

Thirdly, items are then labelled with a unique warehouse code for easy future retrieval, packed in a protective layer, categorized based on their use and finally, stored in our warehouse.

By doing all this, we achieve three objectives - to make certain our items are in excellent condition, ship ready and ensuring that the right items are always sent out to buyers.

Finally, the items are then listed correctly and accurately on eBay. Additional checks are made to ensure there are no duplicate listings.

Making customers happy is our top priority

We do our very best to give our customers the best buying experience. From sending them the right item to making sure they receive the items timely and in good condition.

Once a sale has been made; the item is immediately retrieved, packed and shipped. We are able to do this efficiently through an ERP system.

I also invested in a packing machine to make sure all oddly shaped items are packed securely.

The item is then shipped through a reliable logistics company that gives us fantastic shipping discounts.

In the spirit of great customer service, these discounts are then passed on to the customer as a cost saving bonus.

I also ensure that end-to-end tracking is available to my customers for every purchase so they can track the entire journey of their order.

It’s all worth it as I can proudly say I have never lost a single shipment!

The J316 Team

J316 is a well-oiled machine run by multiple departments such as procurement, identification, testing, listing, photography, sales and packing.

All staff are experts in their own field.

Everyone in the team is committed to service excellence and we achieve this through meticulous attention to detail every step of the way.

The results? Our eBay selling journey has been a smooth sailing one. And profitable too, of course!