Create your first eBay Listing

Take the first step in becoming an eBay seller.

Follow this step-by-step guide and you will be on your way to listing your first product for sale. Remember to visit the Seller Hub following the CBT (Cross Border Trade) market you are selling in, for example,

United States 


United Kingdom

TIP: The Seller Hub has many useful tools and features for you to utilise to help run your eBay business. It’s also free!

Part 1 – Getting Started

Tell us what you’re selling

Part 2 – Listing details

Don’t be stingy with your listing details

More information:

Create effective listing titles

Your listing title should match buyers' searches.

Part 3 – Selling details

Make sure the selling details are clear and accurate

Part 4 – Shipping details

Be clear with your shipping details

More information:

Learn more about cross border shipping and best practices.