SEA Selling Policies

Read all about the eBay selling policies specific to Southeast Asian sellers here. Visit the CBT Seller Dashboard to keep track of your performance.

SEA Service Metrics

As a cross-border seller from Southeast Asia (SEA), you should always ensure that your buyers have a great experience when shopping on eBay. When a buyer purchases your item, they expect it to arrive on time and as it was described in the listing. Sellers must create accurate listings and ship items in a timely and secure manner in order to ensure that buyers are satisfied with their purchases.

Starting from August 25th 2019, we will be introducing the following service metrics for SEA sellers:

Unsatisfactory Delivery Rate

Unsatisfactory Item Rate

Warehouse Service Standard for forward-deployed inventory

eBay will be implementing additional requirements if your item is shipped from an overseas warehouse to a buyer in the same country (“forward-deployed”). Sellers who do not comply or consistently fall short of expectations may have their selling limits reduced or account(s) restricted. 

SpeedPAK shipping policy for cross-border transactions shipped from China

Starting from February 2019, eBay will be introducing new shipping requirements for cross-border transactions shipped from China. Certain items will now be required to be shipped using SpeedPAK, eBay’s cross-border shipping solution for deliveries originating from China, or another eBay-approved shipping solution.

SpeedPAK Policy Update

Published on: 7th April 2020

Mandatory Service Standard for SEA Sellers Regulating Cross-border Sales

of Certain Specific Items

Published on: 14th April 2020

Visit the CBT dashboard to keep track of your selling performance.