Improve your listings on eBay

On eBay, it’s OK to show off!

Your listing is what paints a picture of your item. Using the right photos, clear descriptions and a sensational title could give you just the sales boost you need!

The importance of Item Specifics

Item specifics tell a buyer a story about your item. The more specific you are, the easier it will be for the buyer to make a purchase.

Five Highly Successful Photo Habits

Lights! Camera! Action! Even inanimate objects love the spotlight.

So show off your item from all the right angles.

Tutorial: How to Take Good Product Photos

Learn how to take great product photos for your listings straight from an expert.

Item description Best Practices

Describing your item truthfully can help you avoid INAD disputes. Also, ever wonder what your listing looks like on a mobile phone? Let’s help you out with some insider information. Sshhh… we won’t tell anyone…

Effective Listing Titles and mistakes to avoid

What’s in a name? Everything! Describe your item honestly but add a dash of dazzle and watch it shine.

Product Identifiers

Like an identity card, items have identifiers too. Here’s how to list your item with their correct identifiers.