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Viewing Your Sales Reports

Accessing your reports

To see your reports, go to My eBay:
  1. Click the My eBay button at the top of any eBay page. You may be asked to sign in.

  2. In the left-hand navigation, under My Subscriptions, click the "Sales Reports" link.

Your latest monthly report is always shown by default. For previous reports, click the "Archived Reports" link in the left-hand navigation of the page.

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Viewing your reports

Your reports contain valuable information for tracking your performance and understanding your business. Use the following features to get the most out of your reports:

  1. Left-Hand Navigation: This serves as a table of contents for your report. Click a link to see the page of the report you're interested in. The available data will vary depending on whether you're a Sales Reports or Sales Reports Plus subscriber.

  2. Summary: This gives a snapshot of your business for the most recent activity period. View the Total Sales chart to see how your sales have changed over time.

  3. Details: In the body of the report is more detailed information about your sales performance, presented as tables and charts. Data from the most recent time periods (such as the past three months) are shown. For a description of the types of data in your report, use the links below:

  4. Report Preferences: This section allows you to customise the appearance of your reports. You can choose whether or not to display numbers in charts. For Sales Reports Plus subscribers, you can also choose whether or not to display full category names, and you can see either your weekly or monthly report will be displayed when you open Sales Reports each time.

  5. News & Updates Look in this section for important news, such as notes about your report, system updates, and product enhancements. Basic information about your subscription (such as subscription start date) is also included.

  6. Time Period: Use the drop-down menu to select the time period you'd like to view. All subscribers can view monthly reports. If you're a Sales Reports Plus subscriber, you can also view weekly reports.

  7. Print: Use this link to print your report on paper. Clicking the link will open a new browser window with a printer-friendly view of the report. To print all of the pages in a report, you will need to go to each page of the report using the left-hand navigation links and then click the "Print" link.
    To print properly, your browser must be configured to print background colours and images.

    Please ensure your browser is configured correctly by following the instructions below:

    Configuring Internet Explorer
    1. In Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu, and select Internet Options. An Internet Options window will open.

    2. From the Internet Options window, click the Advanced tab. The Advanced tab will display advanced configuration options.

    3. Scroll down to Printing options, and make sure that the Print background colours and images box is checked. Check the box if it isn't.

    4. Click Ok to save your changes.

    Configuring Netscape Navigator
    1. In Netscape Navigator, go to the File menu and select Page Setup.
      A Page Setup window will open.

    2. Click the Format & Options tab.
      The Format & Options tab will display printing formats and options for printing pages.

    3. In the Options box, make sure that the Print Background (colours & images) box is checked. Check the box if it isn't.

    4. Click Ok to save your changes.

  8. Download (Sales Reports Plus subscribers only): Use this link to download your report data to a text file that you can import into any popular desktop application. The download will include all of the data shown on the page you're currently looking at. To download all of the data in a report, you will need to go to each page of the report using the left-hand navigation and click the "Download" link.

  9. Archived Reports: Click this link to see previous reports you have received during your subscription.

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Availability of reports

When you begin a subscription, your first report will be available within 72 hours and will contain your sales data from the previous calendar month or the month before it, depending on what day of the month you started your subscription. You can choose to receive email notifications whenever your reports are ready.

Here are some other important facts about the availability of your reports:

  • Reports are provided only for time periods in which you have maintained a subscription.

  • If you end your subscription, your reports will no longer be available unless you resubscribe within 45 days.

  • If you're a Sales Reports subscriber, you must view your report at least once every 60 days, or your subscription will automatically end. If this happens and you want to receive reports again, you can resubscribe. There is no minimum activity requirement for Sales Reports Plus subscribers.

  • Reports that you receive for a Sales Reports subscription will remain available online for up to 6 months. Reports that you receive for a Sales Reports Plus subscription will remain available online for up to 24 months.

If you want to keep reports permanently, you can print or download them as described above.

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Receiving email notifications

You can receive an email notification whenever your latest report becomes available. To turn this feature on or off, go to the communication preferences section in My eBay:

  1. Go to My eBay by clicking the My eBay button at the top of any eBay page. You may be asked to sign in.

  2. Click the "eBay Preferences" link under "My Account" in the left-hand navigation.

  3. Find the Communication Preferences section, and click the “Show” link next to Selling Notifications. Then, click the “Edit” link.

  4. Find the "eBay Sales Reports Updates" item, and select or clear the check box to indicate your communication preference.

  5. Click Save.

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