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Adding Video to Your Listing

Adding video to your listing is a great way to showcase your item to buyers. It's easier to tell an engaging story and share information with video, than just text or photos. You can also use video to demonstrate how an item works.

Find out more about adding video to your listings:

eBay's requirements for adding videos to your listing

Use of video is limited by eBay Policies.

To promote a safe trading environment eBay has selected several video hosting sites based on their popularity, ease of use, and the measures they take to provide safe content.

See eBay’s Links Policy for a detailed list of requirements and hosting sites.

How to include video in your listing (embedding a video)

Including a video in your listing is a two part process.

A. Upload your video to a video hosting site:

  1. Upload your video to one of eBay’s approved video hosting sites. For list of approved sites, see the Links Policy.

  2. Once your video is uploaded and available on the site, follow the site’s instructions for embedding video.

  3. Copy the HTML code to your system clipboard using either the site’s Copy button, if one is provided, or your browser’s standard Edit-Copy menu command.

B. A dd your video to your item description:

  1. Go to the Sell Your Item form on eBay.

  2. In the Description section, click the "HTML" tab for entering HTML.

  3. Using your browser’s standard Edit-Paste menu command, paste the HTML code for your video into the item description. You can also add description text in the HTML editor, or click the “Standard" tab to go back to the standard text editor. 

  4. Click the "Preview" link to check if the video is embedded correctly.

Tips for effective videos

Video do’s

  • Tell a story about your item or demonstrate how your item works.

  • Keep the video short.

  • Use the same principles for creating a great photo to create a great video. For example, use proper lighting, use a contrasting background, and avoid background clutter. Visit the Photo Centre for tips on how to take pictures for your listings.

  • Use sound to sell the item, but make sure there are no background noises that distract your buyers. Close external doors. Turn off phones and electronic devices (such as televisions and radios). Record your video away from other people or pets.

  • Practice before you start recording. Find the best way to move your item or camera to highlight the features of your item.

  • Use a tripod to avoid shaking.

Video don’ts

  • Don’t copy videos (without permission) from another eBay seller, manufacturer, or retailer.

  • Don’t film in extreme bright light or dark shadows. Make sure that you can see the item clearly.

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