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Troubleshooting the basic picture uploader

Please try the troubleshooting tips below if you have problems using eBay's basic picture uploader.

Picture size issues

  • If you receive an error message that says that your file is too large, please check the size of your picture. Use your image editing software (usually included with new digital cameras), and resize your picture to 7.0 megabytes (7000 KB) or smaller. If you're using Microsoft Windows, you can check the picture's size by opening the folder that contains the picture and selecting Details from the View menu. The size appears in the Size column.

  • If you're using a dial-up connection (using a phone line), it may take several minutes for each picture to upload to eBay. If you want to make uploads faster, you can use your image editing software to re-compress the picture files before uploading, usually with no noticeable effect on quality. We recommend you not re-compress large files to less than 200 KB or to dimensions less than 1000 pixels on the longest side. We recommend you try the standard uploader, which automatically standardizes large pictures for faster upload.

Problems adding pictures to your listing

  • If you use Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer and are having trouble using the basic uploader when you add pictures to your listing on eBay, or can't see the Browse buttons to upload your pictures, try clearing your cache. Please refer to your browser's help for information on how to do this.

  • If you're not using Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer, or if clearing the cache doesn't correct the problem, then software such as firewalls, ad blockers, and web accelerators may be conflicting with the basic uploader. Please try the following:

    • Web accelerators

      Disable any ad blockers and web accelerators. Web accelerators are programs that speed up browsing on some websites.

      Please try to temporarily disable your web accelerator software (consult the software vendor or Internet service provider documentation for specific instructions). If the basic uploader works once you disable your web accelerator, then you'll need to disable it whenever you use the basic uploader. Or, if possible, change your web accelerator settings so that content from "*" web addresses is not cached.

    • Firewall settings

      Firewalls limit how your computer communicates with websites and are an important part of your computer security. However, they can also block content you need to receive or send. You need only one firewall enabled on your computer, and its settings must allow content to flow to and from As a first step, if your computer runs the Windows XP operating system and you have installed a third-party software firewall (for example, Norton Internet Security or ZoneAlarm), then disable the built-in Windows XP firewall if it is also enabled. Please refer to Windows help for more information about how to do this.

After adjusting these third-party software settings, try clearing your browser cache again. Otherwise, the non-operating filtered pages stored in the cache may still be used when you try adding pictures to your listing again.

You received an error code


  • The SDFB013 error indicates a problem with the connection to eBay picture servers. This can be caused by a poor network connection, but most often indicates a software conflict. Pop-up and ad-blockers can prevent uploaders from loading your pictures. Please refer to your browser's help for details on how to turn off the built-in pop-up blocker, or for information on using pop-up blockers with Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer, go to Microsoft's page on blocking Pop-up Windows with Internet Explorer.


  • The error code SDFB003 indicates data corruption when connecting to the eBay picture servers. The most common cause for this is a setting in a firewall. Normally this setting will appear something like "remove unknown headers" and can be disabled to allow you to upload your images. If you can't find or adjust such a setting in the firewall software you run on your own computer, then your Internet connection is likely filtered by a firewall operated by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). You can report the issue to your ISP, and ask that they tell you how to adjust the firewall setting to allow pictures to be uploaded to eBay.

Self hosting

If you're unable to resolve issues with uploading pictures directly from your computer, you can try the Copy Web Files or Self Hosting options so you can use pictures that are already on a web server. If you’ve not used these methods previously, you'll need to enable them by selecting the Add and remove options link in the Bring your item to life with pictures section of the listing form, and then selecting those options. To use the Copy Web Files or Self Hosting option, enter the web address (URL) of the picture that you want to copy to eBay or link to directly in your listing.

If you're self hosting your images, eBay will try to use your first image to create an eBay hosted picture so that buyers can enlarge it and see more detail. Sometimes, we're not able to do this. If you see a message that we had a problem creating an eBay hosted picture, you don't need to do anything. We'll still show your pictures in your listing. If you want to try again, wait 24 hours to see if the problem resolves itself. If not, you can submit your image again.

Note: The Copy Web Files and Self Hosting options require you to have storage space on a publicly-accessible web server where you have previously uploaded your pictures. Many ISPs include such space in their service package, but may restrict how it is used. Refer to your ISP's services description for details.

Additional troubleshooting resources

For more help you can visit eBay US's eBay Picture Hosting discussion board, the eBay Photos/HTML discussion board and the eBay Photos/HTML Answer Centre where eBay members share information on troubleshooting network and software issues with using eBay-hosted picture uploaders and self-hosting. You can search the information already posted on these forums or post your specific question requesting help from other members.

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