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Using the new listing tool

We're currently rolling out a new listing tool which offers a clean design and improved listing features. The new tool provides a unified listing experience across desktop and mobile web browsers, so you can easily list at home or on the go.

Currently, only Seller Hub users can access the new listing tool, but eventually all eBay sellers will be opted in. The new listing tool is not available in the app.

New and enhanced features

The new listing tool combines the advanced features of the business tool with the streamlined interface of the quick listing tool. Here are some of its new and enhanced features:

Photos - You can now use drag and drop to add photos from your device and use all photo formats from Apple devices. You can then easily edit them with our new photo editor. Simply select your uploaded picture to open the editor and use options like crop, rotate, remove background and adjust brightness/contrast

Shipping - We've simplified the shipping workflow so you can easily set your shipping options

Using the new listing tool

To get started, go to your Seller Hub Listings, select Create listing and choose Single listing or Multiple listing. Then begin filling in all necessary information about your item and any additional details that will make your listing more informative and attractive to buyers.

The new listing tool is divided into a number of enhanced listing sections, most of which you'll be familiar with from previous listing tools. Here's a selection of your listing options:

  • Item specifics - Add the required item specifics like brand. You'll also see a list of item specifics we recommend you add, as buyers frequently search for these details
  • Title - In addition to your main title, you can choose to add a subtitle for a fee. Subtitles appear in eBay search results in list view, and can increase buyer interest by providing more descriptive info
  • Variations - Save time and money by listing multiple variations of your item in one multi-quantity, fixed price listing.
    • If you can't see the Variations section go to the Pricing section and select Edit. Set the Auction toggle to off and select Done. The Variations section will now appear above the Condition section
  • Condition - Provide a condition for your item such as New, Used, or Refurbished
  • Photos - Add photos to your listing to showcase your items and attract buyers to your listings
    • Photos should be .jpeg, .png, gif, .tiff, .heic or .bmp., and at least 500px on the longest side. Select the + icon, Import from mobile, or Import from web to add photos to your listing
  • Categories - Pick the category that’s most relevant for your item. You can also choose to list in a second category
  • Description - We've streamlined the formatting options for product descriptions, as listings with simple, consistent formatting are more readable for buyers. We recommend you stick to one typeface with a black, 14pt font
  • Pricing - For fixed price listings, set your Price, whether you want to allow Offers, set your Quantity, and a Scheduled start time. For auction listings set your Price, an Auction duration, whether you want to allow Offers, or add a Reserve price, a Scheduled start time or a Buy It Now option
  • Shipping - You can go with our recommended delivery options (if available) or select your own. Learn more about setting up your shipping options
  • Preferences - Choose a payment method, item location and a returns policy
  • Sell it faster -  Improve your chances of selling with Promoted Listings and volume pricing. This option is only available on fixed price listings
  • Preview -  Select Preview at the bottom of the page to see what your listing will look like to buyers. Once you have some listings up and running, go to Seller Hub or My eBay for all the tools you need to manage your eBay listings

If you see a blue "i" symbol above a section, it means that section requires more information before you can list.

New listing tool FAQs

How do I use the background removal tool?
  1. Hover over your uploaded photo and select the pencil icon.
  2. Select the Remove background icon.
  3. Frame the area of the image you want to keep, then select Continue.
  4. Use the eraser tool to remove more of the original image, or the brush tool to restore more of it.
  5. Select Save.

If you want to save your edited image to use for future listings, Right click then select Save as to download it to your device.

Why are my descriptions showing as blank?

We are aware that a browser plugin called LanguageTool can cause descriptions to appear blank. You can tell if the LanguageTool plugin is enabled if you find an “lt-“ prefix in the HTML of the description. To resolve this you'll want to revise your listing as follows:

  1. In the Description section select Show all options.
  2. In the pop-up, select See more options
  3. Check the Show HTML code box.
  4. Search for (and remove) anything with an ‘lt’ prefix
How do I add a Buy It Now price?

Select Edit in the Pricing section and set the Buy it Now toggle to on.

How do I add free shipping to a listing
  1. In the Shipping section, select the three dot menu.
  2. Select Edit policy or Create Shipping policy.
  3. Select a domestic shipping service.
  4. Check the Free shipping box.
  5. Select Save and close

If you select free shipping, buyers see "Free" in the Shipping column in search results and on the View Item page.


Currently, only Seller Hub users can access the new listing tool, but eventually all eBay sellers will be opted in.

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