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Personalising Your eBay Shop

As a dedicated seller, creating a professional-looking online store is vital to your success. Buyers will get an impression of your business within moments of entering your eBay Store. Your eBay Store includes powerful, easy-to-use tools for creating and designing the appearance and content of your Store. Create a shopping environment that captures your company's personality and gives you instant credibility with buyers. As you use these customization features, think of how they can contribute to your overall business strategy.

This page discusses how to:

Use Quick Store Setup

Once you subscribe to a Store, you’ll have the option to use the Quick Store Setup feature to customize your Store. This feature provides Store design and marketing recommendations that are popular with other successful Store sellers. You can apply all of the recommended settings with the click of one button or you can edit the recommended settings to suit your individual needs.

You can always use Manage My Store (in My eBay) to make changes or further customize your Store using additional features not included in Quick Store Setup.

Note: If you do not want to use the Quick Store Setup feature immediately after you subscribe to your Store, you can always do this at a later time. Simply go to the Summary page in Manage My Store and click the “Start Quick Store Setup” link. The Quick Store Tuneup feature will also appear when we’d like to provide you with new Store design and marketing recommendations.

Build your brand

A brand is a distinctive image and reputation that buyers associate with a business. Some general tips to keep in mind as you build your brand:

  • Make your Store visually distinct from other eBay Stores that sell your types of goods.

  • Use colors, imagery, and graphics that complement what you sell and highlight your strengths.

  • Reinforce your branding in all customer contacts. For example, use your Store colors and imagery in your advertising, emails, and especially your eBay listings. 

Develop your brand with these Stores features:

  • Store theme

    The theme has the main colors, fonts, and graphics that appear on all the pages of your Store. Create a theme that complements your business. If you're not sure where to start, try one of the predesigned themes, which already include professionally designed graphics and color combinations. You can also design the Store theme yourself, which gives you complete control over the individual elements of your theme.

  • Store logo

    A logo usually consists of the Store name and a graphic that symbolizes what you sell or the qualities of your business. Choose from a list of pre-designed logos or design your own (or choose not to have a logo.) It's best to make sure your logo look professional—a poorly designed logo may hurt your Store's image rather than help it.

  • Store  listing header

    You can automatically display a special version of your Store's Header at the top of all your item descriptions. This will help promote your Store and bring more visitors to it. 

  • eBay header style (Premium and Anchor subscribers only)

    In your Store, you can display either the standard eBay navigation bar or a smaller version that takes up less space. If you're just beginning to sell online, emphasizing your association with eBay is a good way to establish credibility with buyers. More established sellers might want their brand to be more prominent on the page.           

Display your products

You can have the best-looking Store online, but if buyers can't find your items or have difficulty learning about them, all of your efforts will not translate into revenue. Use your eBay Store features to display your items prominently:

  • Store categories

    These are the "aisles" or "shelves" of your Store. You can create as many as 300 Store categories and subcategories with up to three levels of categories; for example, a category named Sporting Goods can have two additional subcategories: Sporting Goods > Golf > Balls. Choose names for your categories using labels that buyers would use to describe categories that contain the types of items they want to buy. The more clearly you name your categories, the more likely buyers will find your items. Your category names can be up to 29 characters long. You can also choose to display all of your categories and subcategories in the left-navigation bar of your Store, or you can display one or two category levels instead.               

  • List view and Picture Gallery

    Specify the default display style that best suits your business. 

    • List view - Useful for showing long lists of items. Each item takes up a small space, thus buyers can view more items.

    • Picture Gallery - Devotes more space to each item through a larger picture. This is great for shorter lists of items where the picture is important.

  • Item sorting

    You can determine how to sort your items in categories and search results. This can have a subtle but important influence on the shopping experience. For example, you might pick "Newly Listed" if you want to guide buyers to your newest Store Inventory items first.

  • Gallery pictures

    Simply put, pictures sell. A buyer is more likely to view an item when you have a Gallery picture in your listing. For Store Inventory format, this small investment costs only $0.01 every 30 days.        

  • Promotion boxes

    Promotion boxes can be used for a variety of purposes, such as highlighting featured items, announcing specials, or providing alternative ways for buyers to browse in your Store.

Get your message across

Adding to your Store's header or creating custom pages can serve a variety of purposes, such as reinforcing your brand, featuring items, or communicating policies.

  • Additional header information:

    You can add more text and pictures to your Store header, and this information will appear on every page. This is great for raising the visibility of newly-listed items or those on sale. It's also an excellent way to tell buyers about promotions, your specialties, the latest news about your business (such as whether you're on vacation), and other aspects of your Store. 

  • Custom pages

    You can use your custom pages for just about anything: presenting your Store policies, highlighting a current sale, or sharing more about yourself. For example, if your buyers are highly interested in how items from a particular category were manufactured or acquired, create a custom page that provides this background information. 

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