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Selling Your Item with eBay Checkout

If you choose to list with eBay’s Checkout, your buyers will be able to pay you immediately after your listing ends.

The following tips for using Checkout will save you time and help your buyers pay faster:

  • Specify payment details
    Specify all payment details when you list the item: postage and handling, insurance and so forth. This lets your buyers know exactly what to pay.

  • Specify whether you require a deposit
    You can request that buyers send you a deposit to confirm their intent to purchase.
    Note: A buyer’s deposit is non-binding and is done in good faith.

  • List with PayPal
    PayPal is the easiest, secure, and most convenient way for buyers to pay. Also, items listed with PayPal have a 43% lower Unpaid Item rate. Learn how to easily integrate PayPal into your listing.

  • Specify payment instructions
    Your payment instructions appear to your buyers when they select their payment method. If you have any special instructions for your buyers, this helps bring it to their attention. These instructions may be seen by anyone who views your item.

  • Specify postage discounts
    If you offer postage discounts, you can automate them in the eBay system; in this case, Checkout automatically calculates these discounts for your buyers. Discounts are promoted during Checkout to encourage additional purchases.

How it works
  1. When the listing ends, your buyers see a Pay Now button on the item listing and the “Items I’ve Won” view in My eBay.

  2. When buyers choose Pay Now, they use a review page to calculate the final cost of the item, specify where they want it posted, and select a payment method. They can also add other items that you’re selling to their purchase.

  3. If buyers choose to pay with PayPal, they need to log in to the PayPal site in order to complete payment.

  4. If buyers choose to pay with a method other than PayPal, they confirm the final costs and then receive the payment instructions that you specified when you listed the item.

  5. You will receive notification once buyers have completed Checkout.

Benefits of using Checkout

  • Fewer Unpaid Items
    Data shows that sellers who use Checkout and the Pay Now button experience lower Unpaid Item rates, since buyers know exactly how and how much to pay.

  • Faster Payment
    Buyers are more likely to pay quickly if it is more convenient for them.

  • Reduced emails
    Automatic calculation of total costs and immediate access to postage information reduces the time that you need to spend reading and responding to buyer emails.

  • More sales
    Checkout allows buyers to purchase additional items from you as part of one transaction, which could translate into more sales.

Turning off Checkout

Checkout is enabled by default. If you’d rather not use Checkout when you list an item, you can change this preference.

  1. Go My eBay.

  2. In the My Account section, click the "Preferences" link.

  3. In the Payment from buyers section, click the “Show” link.

  4. Click the "Edit" link. You may be asked to sign in.

  5. Clear the Use Checkout check box, and then click the Submit button.

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