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Government IDs and licences policy

Government IDs and licences, or items that claim to be, or that look similar to, government identification documents are not permitted on eBay.

Since the unauthorised use or sale of official government IDs and licences are prohibited in Singapore, eBay does not allow the listing of such items on eBay. Please see section on ‘Additional Information’.

Activity on eBay is required to follow this policy, the eBay User Agreement and all applicable laws, as well as respect the rights of third parties. If it doesn’t, eBay may take action consistent with applicable laws and the eBay User Agreement, and may even be legally required to do so. Such actions may include, as an example only: Removing the listing or other content, issuing a warning, restricting activity or account suspension.

Some Examples

The following items may not be listed on eBay:

  • Birth certificates, identity cards, driver’s licences or passports. Further, completed applications for such documents containing personal information may not be listed.
  • Current vehicle licence plates, or plates that claim to resemble such current licences. Current vehicle licence plates, or plates that claim to resemble such current licences. Collectable vehicle licence plates that are at least 5 years old may be listed. This must be clearly stated within the listing. Government vehicle licence plates may not be listed at any time.
  • Any item that is primarily used to alter identification documents, licences, or plates.
  • Fake identification cards, or any items that are designed for the manufacturer of such cards.
  • Signs and similar items for rideshare services or delivery persons

Additional Information

Forging of false government documents is prohibited in Singapore. Permitting anyone to have possession of an official government document that is issued for your use alone or having in your possession any official document that is issued for the use of some other person is an offence in Singapore. Further, anyone who, without lawful authority, sells such government identification or document will be guilty of an offence in Singapore.

For more information please see the National Registration Act (Cap 201), Official Secrets Act (Cap 213) – opens in new window or tab.

Why does eBay have this policy?

eBay urges its sellers and buyers to comply with all governmental laws and regulations. Since the sale of many government IDs and licences are prohibited by law, regulated, or may cause harm to eBay or its members, sellers may not list them on eBay.

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