Promote Your Listings

The best promotional tips to flaunt your stuff!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Promote your listing loudly & effectively with the tools provided by eBay.

Promotions Manager

Market your merchandise with the skills of a pro! Create special offers and draw buyers in like bees to honey.

How to use the Promotions Manager

The Promotions Manager provides you with an easy way to set up special offers on eBay to attract more traffic to your store. How do you use it?

Promoted Listings

Promoted Listings helps your items stand out among the billions of listings on eBay and be seen by millions of active buyers when they're browsing and searching.

Promotional Strategies

Any successful selling tactic starts from a smart strategy. Take a moment to work out your gameplan using the tips provided.

Increase profits during peak season sales

Holiday sales are just around the corner! What to sell? When to start selling? All your questions answered!