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Turbo Lister troubleshooting

We are no longer offering downloads of Turbo Lister. Please stay tuned as we work on making this important functionality available in other eBay tools.

If you're having trouble with Turbo Lister the options below might solve your problem. For additional troubleshooting information, select Help from the menu bar in Turbo Lister.

You can also get help by posting a question on the Turbo Lister discussion board.

Problems syncing Turbo Lister with eBay

If you're having problems syncing Turbo Lister with eBay, try removing your active and ended listings from Turbo Lister and then re-syncing with eBay to get that information again.

To fix syncing problems:
  1. Delete all items in the Active and Ended folders by highlighting them, then clicking the Delete button in the toolbar above the grid.

  2. From the Tools menu, select Options….

  3. From the Options and preferences window, click Advanced Options, and then click Synchronization Options.

  4. Click Reset.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Click OK again.

  7. From the Turbo Lister tool bar, click the Synchronize button.

  8. Make sure to select the boxes for the listings you want to synchronize (Active and Scheduled Listings, Sold, and Unsold Listings).

  9. Click the Synchronize Now button.

Fixing corrupt files

Many Turbo Lister errors are caused by corrupt user data files. Compacting the database will often fix this.

To compact the Turbo Lister database:
  1. Open Turbo Lister.

  2. From the Tools menu, select Compact Database.

  3. Click OK.

If this doesn't solve the problem, try transferring your items to a new user file. To do this, first export your existing items and then import them into a new user file.

To export your existing items:
  1. Open Turbo Lister.

  2. Select all the items you want to export.

  3. From the File menu, select Export Selected Items.

  4. Select Turbo Lister Format (CSV file).

  5. Click Export.

  6. Name the file, and then click Save.

Next, set up a new user file in Turbo Lister:

  1. From the File menu, select New>User File.

  2. Click Next.

  3. Enter your user ID. If you list on more than one eBay site, select the check box under your user ID.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Click Connect Now.

  6. Click Continue.

  7. Sign in to eBay.

  8. Click I agree.

  9. Verify your contact information, and then click Next.

  10. In the Getting Started dialog box, select Create a new item, and then click Finish.

  11. When the Create New Item window opens, click Cancel.

Finally, import your data into the new user file:

  1. From the File menu, select Import Items>From File.

  2. Find the file you just exported and double-click it.

  3. Make sure the All box is selected.

  4. Click Import.

  5. Click Close.

Problems with Vista or Windows 7

If you use Vista or Windows 7 and are experiencing problems using Turbo Lister, run the program as an Administrator.

To run Turbo Lister as an administrator:
  1. Right-click the Turbo Lister icon and select Properties.

  2. Click on the Compatibility tab.

  3. Choose the Run this program as an Administrator option.


Locating your Turbo Lister log files

To help resolve technical problems with Turbo Lister, eBay Customer Service may request that you to send them your Turbo Lister log file as an email attachment. If you use Windows Vista or Windows 7, Turbo Lister log files are located on your hard drive at C:\ProgramData\eBay\Turbo Lister2. If you use any other operating system, you can find the log files at C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\eBay\Turbo Lister 2.

Turbo Lister log files have the extension ".log." eBay Customer Service recommends you send the Tl.log and Tl.log.bak1.log files. These are usually the most recent log files.

Configuring Turbo Lister to work with a firewall

In order for Turbo Lister to connect and communicate with eBay, your Internet firewall must be configured properly.

Firewall-related errors include the following:

  • The server name or address could not be resolved.

  • A connection with the server could not be established.

  • An unexpected error occurred while creating your description and submitting your pictures.

  • Network problems are preventing Turbo Lister from communicating with eBay.

You can use the following steps to allow Turbo Lister to work with common firewall programs.

To configure Turbo Lister with Norton Internet Security:
  1. Log in to open Norton Internet Security as Supervisor.

  2. Select the Personal Firewall section on the main page and click the Configure button to open the Program Control page.

  3. Select the Program Control tab to access Manual Program Control options.

  4. Scroll and locate Turbo Lister (Tl.exe). If you don't see it on the list, click Add to add Turbo Lister.

  5. Set Turbo Lister (Tl.exe) to Permit.

  6. Click the OK button to close Program Control.

To configure Turbo Lister with McAfee Firewall:
  1. Open McAfee Firewall.

  2. Under the Tasks heading, click Configuration Assistant.

  3. Click the Next button in the Configuration Assistant screen until you see Control Internet Programs.

  4. Scroll and locate Turbo Lister (Tl.exe) or click the Browse button to add Turbo Lister.

  5. Select the Allow this program to have full unfiltered access to the Internet option.

  6. Click the Apply button to save the setting.

To configure Turbo Lister with Zone Alarm:
  1. Open Zone Alarm.

  2. In the left column, click Program Control.

  3. Select the Programs tab.

  4. Locate Turbo Lister (Tl.exe) and verify that it has a green check mark beside it. If not, click each blue ? or red X in the Access column, and then select Allow from the menu.

    Note: Check only for the ?s or Xs that appear beside Turbo Lister.

To configure Turbo Lister with XP Service Pack 2:
  1. Go to the XP Service Pack 2 Security Center by selecting Control Panel > Windows Firewall from the Start menu.

  2. Click the Exceptions tab.

  3. Scroll to locate eBay Turbo Lister in the Programs and Services list, and verify that the check box is selected.

  4. If you don't see eBay Turbo Lister, then click the Add Program button to browse and select the Tl.exe file in the Turbo Lister directory (C:\Program Files\eBay\Turbo Lister 2).

  5. Once eBay Turbo Lister has been added to the exceptions, click the OK button.

Network errors

Network errors are usually caused by having an outdated copy of Turbo Lister installed on your computer or because of a configuration problem with your computer's firewall. To solve a firewall problem, see the section above. To update your copy of Turbo Lister, uninstall and reinstall it.

Contacting us

If the suggestions on this page don't help solve your problem, you can contact us directly from Turbo Lister.

To contact us from Turbo Lister:
  1. Open Turbo Lister.

  2. Select Contact Customer Service from the Help menu.

    Note: Be sure to choose the Help menu, not the Help button.

  3. From the Subject drop-down menu, select the option that best fits your issue.

  4. Describe your problem in the text boxes provided.

    Note: If you don't know your software and network settings, you can enter "N/A" in the second text box.

  5. Click the Send Email button.

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