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Using traffic reports to understand your business

Traffic reports can help you understand your business by telling you how many people visit your store, where they spend their time, and how they find your listings. Free for all store subscribers, traffic reports are a great way to learn how successful your store is at attracting buyers and what factors can help you sell more effectively.

View reports

  1. Go to My eBay and log in if required.

  2. Click the “Manage My Store” link on the left side of the page.

  3. Click the “Traffic Reports” link.

  4. Use the menu on the left side of the page to select the report you want to display.

  5. You can customise your report by using the calendar to change the date range for the report.

  6. To download the report, click the Download button. You can choose to download the report as a Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML, or Zip file.

What reports can tell you about your store

Each category of reports tells you something different about your business.

Categories of reports

Traffic reports

Find out how many visitors your store attracts and how they interact with your store, listings, and other pages.

Learn which pages and listings are most popular.

Find out which Web sites and search keywords bring the most visitors.

Path reports *

Find out which path visitors take as they move through your store and listings.

How and where do visitors enter your store?

What is the last page they visit before leaving?

Bidding and buying reports *

How successful are your listings?  What is the percentage of visits that result in sales?

Which sites and search keywords lead to the most bids and sales?

* Path reports and bidding and buying reports are available only for Premium and Anchor store members.

Types of traffic reports

We provide several different traffic reports to help you analyse your business. Your reports contain information about traffic to all pages related to you and your store, plus how buyers are finding your store and listings.

Pages tracked include:

  • All store pages, including custom pages, custom category pages, and search results

  • Item listings in all formats, including auction and fixed price

  • Other eBay pages about you as a seller, including your other items, Feedback Profile, and About Me pages.

Types of traffic reports

Get an overview of your store traffic

Find out how many people visit your store, how many pages they view, and how often they visit.


Unique Visitors report

Shows the number of unique visitors for a particular day or month.

Page View report

Shows the total number of times each page was viewed.

Visits report

Shows the number of unique visits to your pages. A visit is defined as a sequence of consecutive pages viewed by a single visitor within a 30 minute period.

Find out how buyers access your store and listings

Find out which sites and search engines people come from, as well as search keywords they use to find your store and listings.

Referring Domains report

Shows the domains that people visited immediately before viewing your store or listings. A domain is a high-level Internet address such as or

Search Engines report

Identify which search engines people used to find your store and listings.

Search Keywords report

See which keywords people used in searches to find your store and listings. You can use this report to identify common keywords and then include them in your listing titles and descriptions.

Identify the most popular listings and items

Find out what people look at and search for in your store.

Most Popular Pages report

Find out which pages received the most visits. This report lists all pages being tracked for you and your store.

Popular Listings report

Find out which item listings were viewed the most.

Store Home Page Views report

Find out how many times your store home page was viewed. Depending on how you set up your store, your home page can be one of your custom pages or eBay’s default store home page.

Store Search Keywords report

Find out which keywords people used most frequently when searching within your store. This report includes keywords used for Title searches as well as Title and Description searches.

The fine print

The first time you view traffic reports, you will be asked to give eBay permission to transfer traffic information associated with your store to Omniture, a third-party Web site that works with eBay to provide traffic reports.

To continue receiving traffic reports, you must view your traffic reports online at least once every 90 days. Otherwise, traffic reporting will stop. You can later reactivate the traffic reports feature, but you will be unable to retrieve traffic data for the period between the expiration date and when you reactivated reporting.

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