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How do I change the name of my eBay Store?

You can change your eBay Store name at any time, and as often as you like. However, we recommend that you carefully consider your decision to change your Store name, as any bookmarks to your page created by your buyers, or other marketing links you've created, will no longer work. In addition, your Store will be ranked as a new site in some search engine results if you change your Store name.

Changing the name of an eBay Store

To change the name of your eBay Store:
  1. Go to My eBay > Account > Subscriptions.

  2. On the Manage My Store: Summary page, scroll to the Set up, Sell and Track section and click the Design your store link.

  3.  In the Display Settings section, click the Change link and make your edits.

Note: The name you choose determines your Store's URL (web site address). As part of creating your URL, we change all letters in your store name to lowercase, remove any special characters (apostrophes, spaces, &, $, etc.), and add hyphens between all words. For example, if your Store's name is "Fine Jewelry," your Store's URL is

Tips and rules for Store names

Choose a name that immediately lets buyers know what you're selling. For example, a straightforward name like "Ben's Computers" will be more helpful to buyers than a less descriptive name. A straightforward Store name can also help search engines find your Store when buyers are looking for your items.

Your Store name also must follow these guidelines:

  • It must start and end with a letter or number

  • It can't start with 4 or more consecutive letter As

  • It can't start with an "e" or "E" followed by more than a single number

  • It can't contain the following characters: <, >, or @

  • It can't be the user ID of another member on eBay, or be misleadingly similar to the user ID of another eBay member

  • It can't contain "www" anywhere in the name

  • It can't contain 2 or more consecutive spaces or non-alphanumeric characters

  • It can't end with a top-level domain abbreviation used on the web, such as .com, .net, or .org

  • It can't be a name that is identical or misleadingly similar to another company's name protected by trademark law. Also, you can't use a name that contains the word eBay,, or PayPal, or which is misleadingly similar to those names. Learn more about Trademarked items and domain name basics.

Your Store name can be your eBay user ID, as long as it meets these guidelines.

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