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Lowering or Removing your Reserve Price

How does lowering the reserve price work?

You may lower the reserve price any time before their listing has either met the reserve price or ended. When a reserve price has been lowered, all bidders are automatically notified by email.

If you lower the reserve below the winning bidder's maximum bid, the winning bidder's maximum bid will be lowered to $1.00 below the new reserve price. The seller's new reserve price will be revealed to the winning bidder by email. This allows the winning bidder to confirm they are still interested in the item.

You can lower the reserve price from the listing page, My eBay, and the Revise Your Item page.

When you lower the reserve price, eBay lowers the maximum (proxy) bid. When the maximum bid is lowered:

  • A bidder must bid again to meet the new reserve price.

  • eBay lowers the maximum (proxy) bid $1.00 below the new reserve price.

  • A bidder must bid again to confirm interest in the item since the winning bidder may have bid on another item when that bidder did not initially meet the reserve price.

  • The high bidder is not bound to purchase the item; the high bidder must either bid again at or above the new reserve price.

Second Chance Offer can still be used on the listing after the reserve price is lowered. The rules for Second Chance Offer do not change when the reserve price is lowered.

Removing Your Reserve Price

If you decide to remove the reserve, the reserve price will be lowered to SG$0 above the current winning bid. The next bid that is placed will meet the reserve. This is done to confirm that the winning bidder is still interested in the item.

Note: To keep eBay a safe place for buyers and sellers, eBay limits the display of bid history information. User IDs appear as anonymous names throughout the duration of the auction, even if you lower the price.

To remove your reserve price, go to the Revise Your Item page.

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