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Insertion Fees

Important note: It is currently FREE to list items on this site. Therefore, we will not be charging sellers any insertion fees.

Do note, other fees are still applicable. Please refer to the eBay Fees page for more information.

About Insertion Fees

  • An Insertion Fee is a listing fee. It is the price eBay charges for listing your item for sale.

  • This fee is charged to your seller's account at the time of listing.

  • As with a newspaper ad, you need to pay this basic listing fee, even if your item is not sold.

  • Insertion Fees are not refundable.

Factors that affect Insertion Fees

  1. Type of listing. Examples include the following:

    • Single Items - Insertion Fee is based on the starting price of the item.

    • Multiple Item Listings (for fixed price listings) - Insertion Fee is the starting or fixed item price multiplied by the quantity of items you offer.

    • eBay Stores have their own Insertion Fees

  2. Optional listing features. Examples include the following:

    • Buy It Now

    • Scheduled Listings

    • Format enhancements (Including Bold, Item Subtitle, Highlight)

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