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Receiving insertion fee credits for relisted items

About the insertion fee credit

If your listed item doesn't sell or if your buyer doesn't pay, you can qualify for an insertion fee credit by relisting the item. If the item sells the second time, we'll credit your account for the insertion fee for the relisting.

When a buyer doesn't pay, you can open an unpaid item case in our Resolution Center. The Resolution Center can help you resolve the problem with the buyer or get credited for the final value fee. The final value fee credit must be posted to your eBay account before you can receive the insertion fee credit when you relist.

Relisting an item

To relist an item:
  1. Click My eBay at the top of most eBay pages.

  2. In the Sell section, click the Sold or Unsold link.

  3. Click the Relist link from the drop-down menu next to the item.

Important: Insertion fee credits are automatic, so you don't need to send a request to receive one. We automatically issue the credit to your account as long as your listing meets the requirements below. When your item sells, the credit is posted to your account.

Requirements for insertion fee credits

  • This credit applies only to the insertion fee and not fees for any listing upgrades. After your relisted item sells, you'll be charged the applicable final value fee.

  • Use the official Relist feature in order to receive the insertion fee credit. Copying and pasting the content of the original listing into a new listing, for example, will not let us track that you're relisting the item, and will prevent you from receiving the credit.

  • The relisted item must end with a winning buyer. If the item doesn't sell the second time, the insertion fee isn't credited.

  • Only the first relisting of an item is eligible for the credit. Subsequent relistings of the same item don't qualify.

  • You need to relist the item within 90 days of the closing date of the original listing.

  • The starting price you set for the relisted item must not be greater than that of the original listing.

  • Both the original listing and the relisting must be in auction-style format.

  • Fixed price, Store inventory, and Classified Ad Real Estate listing formats aren't eligible to receive the relisting credit.

  • Both the original listing and the relisting must be single-quantity (not multiple items).

  • The relisted item must not have a reserve price if the original listing didn't have one. If the original listing had a reserve price, the reserve price for the relisted item should not be greater than that of the original listing. 

  • Qualifying unpaid items that are relisted and close successfully will receive a standard relist credit automatically if the item is relisted and sells.

  • If you originally listed the item during a promotion and your original insertion fee was lower than the insertion fee for your relisted item, you'll be credited for the lower of the two fees if your item sells the second time.

  • If you originally listed the item as a SG$0.00 insertion fee auction-style listing, there will be no credit or refund for the insertion fee because you're credited for the lower of the two fees if your item sells the second time.

  • If you lower the start price when you relist your item, you won't receive a credit for any difference in insertion fees. This policy applies to listings where there are no bids and the start price change results in a different tier for insertion fee pricing.


  • If your item didn't sell the first time, you may want to come up with a different title, lower the starting price, or add a more detailed item description. Read our tips for relisting your items.

  • If you want a refund for the credits in your eBay account, find out how to request a refund.

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