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Codes for CSV File Import Errors

Sometimes errors during import keep the CSV file from being uploaded or available for use. To help understand these errors and help you complete the CSV file import, you can look up the error codes in the CSV Import error code reference table.

Import CSV File Error Code Reference

Error CodeDescriptionResult
5XML Parse error.Template will fail.
17Item not found.Template will fail.
34Your application encountered an error. This request is missing required input tag <replaceable_value>.Template will fail.
35Invalid user name or password.Template will fail.
36An error number <replaceable_value> occurred while processing your request.Template will fail.
40No Gallery Picture Provided.Template will fail.
70Title too long. Template titles are limited to 55 characters (30 on Taiwan site).Template will fail.
73Error in minimum bid.Template will fail.
83Invalid duration.Template will fail.
85eBay does not understand the picture URL that you provided.Template will fail.
87Invalid Category. The category selected is not a leaf category.Template will fail.
89eBay does not allow Multiple Item (Dutch) auctions (or a quantity greater than one) in the category you have selected.Template will fail.
96Contradictory postage terms.Template will fail.
97Contradictory postage locations.Template will fail.
107Category is invalid.Template will fail.
116Account blocked.Template will fail.
120Credit card not found.Template will fail.
121Your account exceeded the limit.Template will fail.
122Your account is currently more than 60 days overdue.Template will fail.
158Checkout instructions too long.Template will fail.
190The Buy It Now price must be greater than or equal to the reserve price.Template will fail.
196Relist failed.Template will fail.
240Item cannot be listed or modified.Template will fail.
241Unable to send listing confirmation notice.Template will fail.
249Database Error.Template will fail.
286Requirements for a Multiple Item (Dutch) auction have not been met.Template will fail.
287Buy It Now not allowed.Template will fail.
307Invalid minimum bid/Buy It Now price.Template will fail.
342Invalid region.Template will fail.
346Payment Details IgnoredTemplate will fail.
353Javascript not allowed.Template will fail.
354Error in payment methods.Template will fail.
419Error in tax.Template will fail.
470No attributes or attributes have problems.Template will fail.
474User not found.Template will fail.
499Duplicate UUID used.Template will fail.
500Invalid schedule start date.Template will fail.
518Call usage limit has been reached.Template will fail.
520Compatibility level not supported.Template will fail.
588Your Weekly Selling Activity limits have been exceeded, or the seller doesn't have a credit card on file and is listing on a UK site.Template will fail.
606API command <replaceable_value> is not available.Template will fail.
732The PayPal email address is omitted.Template will fail.
771You cannot use the eBay scheduling feature. In order to submit a scheduled listing you need to have a credit card on file or a direct debit agreement with eBay.Template will fail.
840Item not activated.Template will fail.
841Requested user is suspended.Template will fail.
916Generated when seller-specified condition cannot be found for product's VCS.Template will fail.
924Invalid Attribute.Template will fail.
930No Password and no token.Template will fail.
5028Value given for <replaceable_value> is invalid.Template will fail.
5030Date value for <replaceable_value> is invalid.Template will fail.
5112Attribute Set ID does not match category.Template will fail.
5116Attribute <replaceable_value> dropped. Attribute either has an invalid attribute id or the value(s) for the attribute are invalid.Template will fail.
10007Internal error to the application.Template will fail.
10008Invalid value for <replaceable_value>.Template will fail.
10009No <replaceable_value> exists or <replaceable_value> is specified as an empty tag.Template will fail.
10022PayPal is not a payment choice here.Template will fail.
10029Revise item failed.Template will fail.
10065Currency cannot be changed.Template will fail.
10095Invalid Store duration.Template will fail.
10097Personal Offer or Live Auction items are not revise/relistable.Template will fail.
10117New seller without credit card on file.Template will fail.
10124Invalid Picture URL.Template will fail.
10125Invalid Picture URL.Template will fail.
11012PayPal added as a payment method because you have set your preference to 'offer PayPal on all listings' also known as Automatic Logo insertion at PayPal.Template will fail.
12006No match found for search request <replaceable_value>.Template will fail.
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