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Customising your Selling Manager views

Like other views in My eBay, you can customize your views in Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro. Different views have different customisation options.

Choosing what appears in your Summary view

The Summary view appears first when you go to My eBay. It gives you an overview of your selling activity, reminders about what to do next, and links to frequently-used information such as your scheduled, active, and ended listings. Learn more about the Summary view.

You can customise the Summary view to include what’s most important to you. You can select which sections should be displayed and what’s in each section. For example, you might want your Listing Activity section to show listings that end today or have buyer questions.

To do this Take these steps

Select the sections you want on the Summary page

  1. Click the Page options link at the top of the Summary page.

  2. Select the sections you want.

  3. Click the Apply button.

Reorder the sections

  1. Locate the section you want to move.

  2. In the section’s header, click the Edit drop-down menu and use the menu options to move the section up, down, left, or right.

Customize what appears in each section

  1. Locate the section you want to change.

  2. In the section’s header, click the Edit drop-down menu and choose Customise.

Making another view appear first

Depending on how you use Selling Manager, you might want to see another page first when you go to My eBay. For example, you might want to see the Active view first instead of the Summary page.

To choose which page appears first when you go to My eBay:
  1. Click the General settings link at the top of My eBay.

  2. Use the drop-down menu to choose the page that should appear first.

  3. Click the Apply button.

Choosing the information displayed in other views

In other views, you can choose what information appears with each listing or sales record. The columns available depend on the view. For example, in the Active view you can choose whether to display the listing’s reserve price and number of bids.

To choose the columns to display in a view:
  1. Select the view you want to customize.

  2. Click the Customise Display link at the top right of the view.

  3. Select the columns you want to display.

  4. To change the order of your columns, select the column you wish to move, and then click up or down arrow.

  5. Click the Apply changes button.

Tip: If you have a large number of listings, you might also want to specify how many listings are displayed per page. You can display as few as 10 listings per page or as many as 200.

Sorting your listings

In each Selling Manager view, an arrow next to the column heading shows you which column is being used to sort your listings. The direction of the arrow, up or down, tells you if your listings are being sorted in ascending or descending order.


To change how listings are sorted:
  1. Click the heading of the column you want to sort by.

  2. To sort the column in descending order, click the column heading again.

Filtering your listings

Use the search options at the top of each view to find listings based on criteria you choose.

The search options available depend on the view. For example, in the Sold view you can search for listings based on the buyer or item.

Learn more about ways to search your listings.

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