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Canceling a transaction

If you've sold an item but can't go through with the sale, you can cancel the transaction in our Resolution Centre and if you incurred a Final Value Fee, you may receive a credit for it.

Possible reasons for canceling the transaction are that the item is no longer available or in good condition, you sold it to someone else, or there's some other reason you can't complete the sale.

Note: When you cancel a transaction, there’s no action against the buyer. If your buyer didn't pay you, see What to do when your buyer doesn't pay (unpaid item process).

1. Talk to the buyer.

To receive a credit on your Final Value Fee, you'll need the buyer to agree to cancel the transaction. Contact your buyer and ask him or her to agree to cancel the transaction and let them know they'll be getting a note from eBay to start the process. Here are some tips for communicating with your buyer.

2. Cancel the transaction in our Resolution Centre.

You'll open a case at our Resolution Centre, which creates a dialog between you and the buyer through our system and tracks your case for you. Read more about how to use the Resolution Centre.

Timing is important

  • You can open your case immediately to 45 days after the sale.

  • The buyer has up to seven days to respond to your case.If you haven't heard back after seven days, you can close the case and if you incurred a Final Value Fee you'll receive a credit.

  • You need to close your case within 60 days of the transaction.

    • If the buyer agrees to cancel, your Final Value Fee (if you incurred one) will be credited to your account.

    • On the 61st day after the end of the transaction, if you haven't closed your case, eBay automatically closes it and you are not credited the Final Value Fee.

    • Once your case is closed by you or eBay, you can't reopen the case.

Opening your case

Timeline: Up to 45 days after the sale

You need to open your case at the same eBay country site as where you sold the item.

To get to the Resolution Centre, click here or click Resolution Centre at the bottom of most eBay pages. You can also get to the Resolution Centre from your listing in My eBay, and your item number will be filled in on the form for you:

  1. Go to My eBay.

  2. Click the Sold view.

  3. Next to your listing, pull down the "Take action" menu and select "Resolve a problem."

    The Resolution Centre – "Resolve a problem" form appears.

  4. Select "I sold an item and want to cancel the transaction" and click Continue.

  5. Sign in to your account. The "Cancel a transaction" form appears.

    • If you get to the Resolution Centre from your item listing, your item number is already filled in.

    • If you get there another way, enter your item number and click Continue.

  6. Under "Give the buyer a reason for wanting to cancel this transaction", indicate your reason for canceling and click Continue.

You can now view or end your case at any time in our Resolution Centre.

3.  We contact the buyer and they respond.


  • We contact the buyer immediately after you open your case.

  • The buyer has seven days from the time you opened your case to respond.

The buyer either agrees to or rejects canceling the transaction.

If the buyer doesn't respond within seven days, you can close the case and you'll receive your Final Value Fee credit.

4. Close the case

Timeline: Up to 60 days from the date of purchase.

Note: If you close the case, or the 60 days expires and we close it, you can’t reopen it and you can’t open another case for this purchase.

To close the case:
  1. Go to the Resolution Centre and log in.

  2. Select the case to be closed.

  3. Select one of the following options to close the case:

    • The buyer and I have completed this transaction successfully.

    • I want to end communication with the buyer.

  4. Enter any final comments in the message box.

  5. Click Close Case.

When your case is closed

  • If your buyer agreed to cancel your transaction or didn't respond, you'll receive a credit to your seller's account for the Final Value Fee within seven to ten business days of closing the case.

  • If you want a refund for your credit, see Requesting a refund from eBay (for sellers).

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