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Changing Billing Currency

eBay Southeast Asia currently accepts the following currencies:

  • Singapore Dollar

  • Malaysian Ringgit

  • Philippine Pesos

  • US Dollar

  • British Pound

You will be billed in the currency of your country of registration. For example, if you are a eBay Singapore-registered user, your billing currency will automatically be in Singapore dollars. eBay Malaysia-registered users will be billed in Ringgit, and eBay-Philippines users will be billed in Pesos.

You can choose to be billed in a specific currency to make it easier to pay eBay fees.

  • Your existing account balance must be current.

  • You must not have switched your billing currency within the past 12 months.

  • Your registration and address will determine which currencies are available to you. Update your registration information first if you have changed addresses.

Note: A credit card is required to change your billing currency to Singapore or US dollars.

To pay your fees in a different billing currency, go to the Switch Billing Currency page and select the appropriate currency from the drop-down menu.

What will happen
  • When you change your billing currency, eBay opens a new currency account under your current User ID.

  • After the change, all fees for new listings will be billed to your new currency account. Additional fees for active listings (for example, if the item is revised) are charged to the original currency account. Your old account will be considered "pending" and needs to be kept current or it will become delinquent if it is not paid in full within two billing cycles.

  • You will receive separate invoices for the two accounts until the old account is paid in full.

Important: You will need to manually end any eBay Store Good 'Til Cancelled items and relist them in the new currency.

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