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Selling tool comparison

As your sales grow, so does your need to track them and save time. We offer a number of selling tools to choose from, but which one is right for you?

Start by reading the selling tool comparison. We've summarised the tools and highlighted some of the key features. Need more details? Review the feature-by-feature comparison. Feel free to give the tools a test drive. Some tools are free; others come with a 30-day free trial.

Compare selling tools



Turbo Lister

Note: We are no longer offering downloads of Turbo Lister. Please stay tuned as we work on making this important functionality available in other eBay tools.

Use this free tool to save time by creating listings offline and uploading them in bulk.



Create professional-looking listings with a design editor and templates

Save and reuse listings

Upload multiple listings at once


Best for: Small- to medium- volume sellers

Access: Offline, using a desktop application

Price: Free 

Selling Manager

Keep track of your listings and save time on common post-sales tasks.



Manage pending, active, and sold listings

Quickly find active listings with advanced search

Save time communicating with buyers using email templates and stored feedback

Print invoices and labels


Best for: Medium-volume sellers.

Access: Online, integrated into My eBay

Price: Free

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Selling Manager Pro

Get all the sales management features of Selling Manager, plus inventory and automation features to save even more time.



Create professional-looking listings

List in bulk

Schedule listings

Relist sold and unsold items

Manage inventory

Print invoices and shipping labels in bulk

Set up automatic feedback and email

Receive monthly Profit and Loss reports


Best for: High-volume or small-business sellers.

Access: Online, integrated into My eBay

Price: Only S$ 6.50 per month (on eBay Singapore); US$15.99 per month (on eBay US); RM 15.00 per month (on eBay Malaysia); PHP 200.00 per month (on eBay Philippines)

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File Exchange

Use this end-to-end selling tool to list in bulk from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or other inventory software.

Upload item listings from Excel or CSV files

Create and list items in bulk

Revise, relist, and end a listing from a single file

Download active listings and sales history reports


Best for: High-volume sellers.

Access: Online, through My eBay

Price: Free

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