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Animals and wildlife products policy

Policy overview

You can sell a few types of animal and wildlife products, though there are some things that can't be listed on eBay because of complex government regulations and various laws both in Singapore and internationally.

Endangered or protected species, alive or dead, or any parts, products or derivatives of any endangered or protected species may not be listed on eBay. Wildlife parts and related products include ivory, skin, horn, bone, shell, scale, tooth, trophy, skeleton, egg, meat, musk, gall bladder, medicinal products containing endangered species (e.g. rhinoceros horn, tiger bone, musk), wildlife souvenirs, wood chips, roots, bulbs, seedlings and many others.

See the Schedule of the Endangered Species (Import and Export) Act (Cap. 92A) ("Schedule") for a list of species which are or may become threatened by extinction, and which import or export to and from Singapore is controlled under Singapore law.

Make sure your listing follows these guidelines. If it doesn't, it may be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other actions, including restrictions of your buying and selling privileges and suspension of your account.

What are the guidelines?


  • Live animals and pets are only allowed to be listed on eBay using the Classified Ads format and not using the auction-style or fixed price format. Please see the Advertising with Classified Ads page for more information on how to list items using this format.

Not allowed

  • Exotic animals such as primates (eg. monkeys, slow loris), reptiles (eg. snakes, lizards, tortoises), small mammals (eg. sugar gliders, hedgehogs) and invertebrates (eg. scorpions, tarantulas) are not allowed to be kept or sold as pets in Singapore and may not be listed on eBay even under the Classified Ads format. Please visit the website of the Agri-food and Veterinary Authority ("AVA") for a list of approved pets.


  • Non-endangered animal pelt or skin. When listing these items, be sure to:

    • State the species in your listing description.

    • Follow applicable laws.

Not allowed

  • Any part, pelt, or skin from endangered species such as cheetahs, jaguars, leopards, mountain zebras and Hartmann mountain zebras, sable antelopes, and tigers

  • Internal organs of animals may not be listed on eBay

Due to many complex laws and regulations both Singapore and internationally, ivory is prohibited to be traded in any capacity on the Singapore site.


  • Bone from non-ivory–producing, non-endangered animals as long as the species is clearly stated in the listing description and not in violation of the seller's specific regional laws

  • Man-made resin, or vegetable ivory as long as the listing description specifies what the item is made of

  • Fossilized mammoth teeth or bone as long as they are listed in the Fossils category. Fossilized mammoth tusks are still prohibited.

Not allowed

  • Bone from animals that produce ivory, including elephants, walruses, and whales

  • Carved and uncarved ivory

  • Fossilized ivory

  • Raw ivory

  • Fossilized mammoth tusk

Not allowed

  • Items made from marine mammals (i.e. polar bear, sea otter, whale, porpoise, dolphin, seal) regardless of when the product was made.

Before selling certain types of stuffed birds, mounted birds, or other bird specimens, be sure to check whether licenses or permits are required.



  • Stuffed non-native, non-migratory birds, or parts of such birds, may be listed on eBay if not in violation of the sellers' specific local laws.

Not allowed

  • Stuffed native or migratory birds and such other protected species, any part of any native or migratory bird or protected species, or any native or migratory bird or other protected species nest or egg may not be listed on eBay.


  • Tortoise shell–colored items (such as combs, eyewear, handbags, jewelry pocket knives, and shoes) made of plastic or another man-made material. Be sure to specify what the item is made of in your listing description.

Not allowed

  • Items made from any tortoise or turtle product or part

Not allowed

  • Bear products such as rugs, as well as bear parts—including those from polar bears—such as claws, or teeth. Alaskan Native clothing or crafts with anything from a bear also can't be listed. For more information on polar bears, please see eBay's Marine Mammal guidelines above.

  • Rhino horns and rhino horn products

  • For additional specific questions about migratory birds, endangered species, or other questionable items in this area, you should contact the Agri-food and Veterinary Authority ("AVA"). The AVA is responsible for issuing permits or licences for importing or exporting animals, birds, plants or fish into or from Singapore.

    The AVA website at contains information more in this regard.

    • Animals and Birds: The import or export of an animal, bird or their parts into or from Singapore requires a permit from AVA. AVA import permits must be obtained prior to the arrival of the consignments.

    • Plant and Plant Products: AVA's Phytosanitary and Plant Quarantine Section is the responsible authority. Import permits are required in respect of items such as potted plants, plants of coffee, soil and organic manures, as well as insects and micro-organisms.

    • Ornamental Fish: The import and export of ornamental fish requires a licence from the AVA's Freshwater Fisheries Centre. However, the import of piranha and piranha-like fish are strictly prohibited, and the import of Dragon Fish must be reported and inspected by AVA.

    Any person who has in his possession, or who sells, offers, displays or advertises for sale, any illegal animals may be fined up to S$50,000 per animal or jailed up to 2 years or both under the Endangered Species (Import and Export) Act.

  • CITES: The Convention and International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) is an international agreement which seeks to ensure that trade does not threaten wildlife species with extinction. CITES regulates international trade in certain highly endangered or threatened species of live animals and plants, and their parts and derivatives.

    • Permits are required for any consignments to leave or enter a country, and member countries restrict international trade in species listed in Appendix I and by regulating and monitoring trade in others included in Appendix II and III that might become endangered (see CITES species)

    • Singapore became a signatory to CITES in November 1986 and the AVA is the Management Authority responsible for the implementation and enforcement of CITES in Singapore. For further information on CITES, please visit the CITES Web site at

    • Permits are required for any consignments of certain species to leave or enter a country, and Singapore (being a member of CITIES) restricts international trade in endangered species listed in Appendix I to the Schedule and regulates and monitors trade in species that may become endangered as listed in Appendices II and III to the Schedule.

eBay urges its sellers and buyers to comply with all governmental laws and regulations. Since the sale of live animals and wildlife products is in some cases prohibited, highly regulated, or may cause harm to eBay or its members, sellers are restricted in their listing of them on eBay.

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