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How can I report a listing that appears to be violating eBay rules and policies?

You can report what you believe to be a violation either from a specific policy Help page or by clicking on Contact Us on the left side of any Help page and choosing the appropriate topics. To learn about the type of offences eBay investigates, see Reporting Inappropriate Trading Behavior.

To report a policy offense:
  1. Locate and review the appropriate policy from eBay Listing Policies.

  2. After reviewing the policy, click the “Report” link on the Help page to report an item that has violated the policy (see examples below). Or, click the “Contact Us” link on the left side of any Help page, select Listing Violations and choose the appropriate topics.

  3. Enter the item number(s) of the listing you wish to report.

  4. Click the Send button to send your message to eBay Customer Support.

    Note: Please report a case once. Multiple emails about the same case slow an investigation.

Examples of common listing violations

For other types of violations involving selling, buying, and feedback, see Reporting Inappropriate Trading Behaviour.

After your report is received
  • eBay will consider the circumstances of an alleged policy violation and the user's trading record before taking action.

  • Disciplinary action may result in a formal warning, cancelled listings, temporary selling restriction, or indefinite suspension.

  • If a complaint can't be proven with certainty, or if eBay feels that a violation has not occurred, eBay may take no action.

  • Due to privacy laws eBay cannot follow up and let you know the status of your report or inform you of any action we might have taken.

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