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What is Feedback and how does it affect my reputation?

Feedback is made up of comments and ratings left by other eBay members you've bought from and sold to. These comments and ratings are valuable indicators of your reputation as a buyer or seller on eBay. They are included, along with an overall Feedback score, in your Feedback Profile.

How Feedback works
For each transaction, buyers and sellers can choose rate each other by leaving Feedback. Feedback from buyers consists of a positive, negative or neutral rating, and a short comment. Feedback from sellers consists of a positive rating and a short comment. These ratings are used to determine Feedback Scores. Feedback basically works like this:

  • A positive rating increases the Feedback Score by one point.

  • A neutral rating does not change the Feedback Score.

  • A negative rating decreases the Feedback Score by one point.

Each member may affect your score by one point per transaction. However, for repeat Feedback to count towards a seller's Feedback Score, each transaction must end in separate weeks. For Feedback, eBay defines a week as Monday through Sunday, Pacific Time.


  • A buyer wins an item on Tuesday, receives it and gives the seller positive Feedback on Thursday.

  • The buyer wins another item from the same seller on Friday but only receives it the following Monday, when he rates the seller. Feedback for this transaction will not count towards the seller's Feedback Score.

  • The buyer wins another item the following Tuesday from the same seller. Feedback for this transaction counts towards the seller's Feedback Score.

Important things to know about Feedback

  • Always leave Feedback after a transaction so that other members may benefit from your experience.

  • Usually, a high Feedback Score is a good sign, but you should always check your trading partner's Feedback Profile to read comments and look for negative remarks.

  • If you are a buyer, do contact your seller to try to resolve issues before leaving negative or neutral feedback.

  • Please register as a member to leave feedback. You can leave feedback on items purchased as a guest after you register.

  • If the seller files an Unpaid Item dispute against a buyer, any negative or neutral Feedback left by that buyer will be removed if the buyer does not respond to the dispute before the deadline, and receives a strike.  When a member is suspended, eBay will remove any neutral or negative feedback left by that member.

Spend a few minutes taking eBay's tutorial on Feedback.

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