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Icon Glossary for My eBay

My eBay includes many icons for helping you quickly view the status of listings, transactions, messages, and feedback.
Tip: If an icon has a bubble around it , you can click the icon to perform the action.

Note: In some cases, an icon has both a blue state and a gray state . The blue state means the action has been performed; the gray state means the action has not yet been performed. In some cases, the icon may change from gray to gold when the action has been completed.

The following is a list of the icons in My eBay:


Buyer completed Checkout
Buyer has not completed Checkout.

Customising My eBay

Move this view up.
Move this view down.
Close window/remove from view.


You've left feedback You left feedback (see the Feedback Star Glossary to learn what the different coloured stars mean).
You haven't received feedback You have not left feedback.
You've received feedback You have received feedback.
You haven't received feedback You have not received feedback.
 or You received neutral feedback.
or You received positive feedback.
or You received negative feedback.
You have not received feedback.

Listing format

Auction-style format
Fixed Price format
Classified Ad format

Listing information

Item is ending soon
Second Chance Offer
Postage discount available
Member’s profile
Member’s eBay Store
Buy It Now item
You’ve been outbid
/ Item has been relisted/Item has not been relisted
/ Sell a similar item/No similar item
Best Offer option available


Flagged for follow-up Flagged for follow-up
  Message missing or no longer viewable.
Responded to Responded to 
Forwarded Forwarded
// Question has been asked and answered/Question has not been answered.


Paid Buyer paid for the item
Unpaid Buyer has not paid for the item.
Euro Paid Buyer paid for the item (on sites using the Euro as primary currency).
UK Paid Buyer paid for the item (on UK site).
Pay PayPal payment is pending. *
Item is partially paid for.
Seller received electronic payment. *
Final Value Fee *
Total requested
Refunded Payment has been refunded


Posted Seller posted the item.
Not posted Seller has not posted the item.

* This feature is currently not available on the site.

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