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Managing your bidding and buying

View and manage your bidding and buying from the Activity tab in My eBay.

Managing items you're watching

The Lists section of My eBay lets you create multiple lists where you can track up to 200 items that interest you before you bid or buy. You can add any active listing to your list.

To add an item to your watch list, click the Add to Watch list link in the listing.

To watch an item in a listing with variations, select the specific variation you want before you click the Add to Watch list link.

To manage items you're watching:
  1. Go to My eBay.

  2. Choose any of your lists from the Lists section.

  3. In any list, you can perform the following activities:

    • Change the view: Select All, Active, or Ended from the drop-down menu.

    • Delete an item from your watch list: Select the check box next to the listing, then then click Delete.

    • Add a note to an item: Move your pointer over listing, and then click the Add note link that appears. Type your note, and then click Save.

Managing items you're bidding on

You can view all the items you're currently bidding on in My eBay, whether or not you're the current high bidder.

To manage items you're bidding on:
  1. Go to My eBay.

  2. In the Buy section, click Bids/Offers.

  3. In addition to auction-style listings you're bidding on, you can view live auction bids, items you didn't win, and your eBay Bucks.

After a listing ends, it automatically moves to the Purchase history or Didn't win section. You can't delete an active item until the listing ends.

Managing your Best Offers and Second Chance Offers

Best Offer lets you offer to purchase a Buy it Now item at a price that you choose.

With a Second Chance Offer the seller can offer an item to any buyer who bid on the listing if:

  • The winning bidder doesn't pay the seller

  • The seller has duplicate items

  • The reserve price was not met in a reserve price auction

To manage Best Offers and Second Chance Offers:
  1. Go to My eBay.

  2. In the Buy section, click Bids/Offers and then scroll down to the Offers section.

If you make a Best Offer or receive a Second Chance Offer on an item, we add a note to the item.

For a Best Offer, you see 2 prices in My eBay. One shows the highest bid the seller received. The other shows the amount of your offer.

Creating custom lists of items, searches, and sellers

You can create a custom list from items in different sections of My eBay and name the list whatever you'd like. For example, add items from your Watch list and Purchase history into a list and name it "Birthday gifts for mom." You also can save your searches and save your favorite sellers and Stores to your list.

To create a custom list, select the Add to a new list option in the listing in the Add to Watch list drop-down menu.

When the listing is over

When you win an item, it's time to pay for it and leave Feedback for the seller.

Use the Purchase history section of My eBay to view all your recent purchases and check whether you've paid for the items and left Feedback.

The Didn't win section shows listings that have ended but were won by another bidder.

For items that you: You can:



Click the Won link on the left side of the page to:

  • Track where you are in the purchase and Feedback process

  • Delete the item from My eBay

  • Add the item to a list

Didn't win

Click the Bids/Offers link on the left side of the page to:

  • View Didn't win section

  • View similar items

  • Contact the seller

Use the filter on the top right of the Didn't Win section to:

Deleting and restoring items

You can delete items from most of the sections in My eBay, including Lists, Didn't win, Sold, and Unsold. You can't delete items from your Purchase history, but you can archive them.

To delete an item from Lists, Didn't win, Sold, or Unsold:
  1. Select the check box next to the items you want to delete.

  2. Click the Delete button at the bottom of the section.

You can restore deleted items that you've bid on or received offers on. You can't restore deleted items that you were watching, but didn't bid on. You have 60 days to restore deleted items.

To restore an item:
  1. Click the Deleted link in the Buy section to view the items you've deleted.

  2. From the list of items, select the check box next to the items you want to restore.

  3. Click the Undelete button at the bottom of the Deleted section.

Note: You can sort your deleted items using the Sort by drop-down menu. This option is useful if you've deleted many items and want to find and restore one or more of them.

To archive an item in your Purchase history:
  1. Click the Purchase history link on the left side of the page

  2. Select the items you want to hide and click the Hide button.

Note: You can find the items you've hidden by selecting the Archive option in the Purchase history section.

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