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Bid with 1 Click

eBay is making bidding faster. You can enter your maximum bid amount, click the 1 Click Bid button, and your bid will be submitted immediately. There are no extra steps for reviewing and confirming your bid.

The "Bid with 1 click" link appears on auction listings where you've already placed a bid. So when you're ready to bid again, click the link, a window opens with the next bid increment already filled in. Click 1 Click Bid to enter that bid amount, or type in your maximum bid amount, and then click 1 Click Bid.

The bidding window stays open until the auction listing ends or you close it.

Remember that when you click the button, you're committing to buy the item from the seller if you're the winning bidder. Make sure that you have reviewed the item description carefully including the seller's description, instructions and accepted payment methods before you bid.