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Suspended accounts

There are three reasons why your account may be suspended: 

  • Non-payment of eBay fees

  • Not reimbursing eBay for a refund eBay made to your buyer

  • A serious violation of one of our rules and policies

Find out why your account was suspended

If your account is suspended, we'll notify you by email and tell you what to do to reinstate your account.

If you didn't receive an email about your suspension, contact us.

Watch out for spoof (fake) email warnings about account suspension. You can confirm that an email was sent from eBay by checking your messages in My eBay. If the message that you received at your regular email account isn't in your My eBay Messages inbox, then it isn't from eBay. Learn more about recognizing spoof (fake) eBay emails or websites

Suspension due to non-payment of fees

If you didn't pay your seller fees
If you were suspended because you didn't pay your seller fees, you can make a onetime payment to bring your account up to date. Learn more about making a onetime payment of your seller fees.

If you didn't reimburse eBay
If we refunded a buyer directly, and you didn't reimburse us, your account may be suspended. You'll need to set up a reimbursement payment method in your account. Learn more about reimbursement.

If your payment mehtod is out-of-date
Sometimes, an account is suspended for non-payment if the payment method you have on file is out-of-date, or has recently been declined. You'll need to update your payment method.

Learn more about how to reinstate your account after a suspension.

Suspension due to a violation of a rule or policy

If your account was suspended due to a rule or policy violation, and you want to appeal your account suspension, reply directly to the suspension notice and include any relevant information. You can also contact us.

If you were suspended because you didn't pay for an item, you can appeal the unpaid item.

Having trouble accessing your account?


What to do

My email address is no longer valid.

Learn how to update your email address and other account information.

My account was used without my authorization.

Learn how to secure your account and report the theft.

My account has selling limits on it.

To keep eBay a safe place to buy and sell, we sometimes place selling limits on accounts. Learn more about limits on sellers.

Frequently asked questions

Can I sell while my account is suspended?

During a suspension, you can't bid, sell, or leave Feedback. When your account is reinstated, you can leave Feedback for transactions you completed within the 30 days prior to reinstatement.

Can I or a family member open a new account while my account is suspended?

You can't register a new account or use an existing account while your account is suspended. We may also suspend new or existing accounts that were opened by anyone in your household.

What happens to my bidders?

Bidders can retract their bids on your items. You won't be able to contact bidders or reply to questions in My Messages until we reinstate your account.

What happens to my fees if eBay ended my listing early?

If we ended your listing early, some listing fees might be credited to your account. You can review these credits on your Account Activity page. However, some suspensions result in the forfeit of listing fees. Learn more about why listings can be removed.

Tip: Check your account status by going to My eBay, and then clicking the Account tab.

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