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Using Search Tags

Entering search tags or keywords in member features like eBay My World, Blogs and Guides identifies topics and concepts unique to content you create. Search engines hunt for tags embedded in Web pages to return in search results.

For example, if you are a seller with an eBay Blog where you write about whatever you blog about —such as the items you list, using search tags can set your blog apart from others with more general content. So if you wrote about Pez dispensers in your blog, you could use tags like "Pez", "dispensers" and "collectables" to increase your visibility in search results.

Members must use tags that are relevant to the content they write about or the products they sell. Inappropriate words or terms that amount to keyword spam are not permitted and are subject to removal.

How to use tags

  • Tags show up on pages featuring user-generated content. The tag links take users to pages that have similar tags.

  • Tags can be searched by a title search off of the main page of each feature. This helps readers find related topics.

You can create your tags in as you set up each feature. You can have up to 10 tags all together, and each tag can be a word or phrase of up to 4 words each.

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