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About eBay Groups

eBay Groups let you connect with eBay members who share common interests. eBay Groups offer a suite of features that enable you to lead your own eBay-related community. Each member-led group includes other members, friends, family, classmates, hobbyists, and business associates, who meet in online forums or face-to-face to chat and exchange ideas.

Join an eBay Group or start one yourself!

Features and benefits of participating in an eBay Group

When you participate in an eBay Group, you can:

  • Create an online dialogue about your favourite eBay topic on the Group Discussion Board.

  • Create and display your own announcements on the Group’s Home page.

  • Upload and share images with fellow Group members with photo albums.

  • Schedule discussions, classes, parties, and other Group-related events with the events calendar.

  • Participate in a poll where Group members can create their own polling questions and answers, vote, and view the overall results.

  • Invite members to join your group

Types of groups – public or private

The two basic types of groups (public and private) can have a dramatic effect on the nature of each group.

  • Public
    Any eBay member can join a public group. Select this group type when you start your own group and want to encourage lots of members to join.

  • Private
    To join a private group, a member must send a request to the group leader or receive an invitation. A group leader has the ability to declare a group full, meaning the group is no longer accepting new members.

Find a group that is right for you

The best way to locate a group is by browsing through the Group Center directory. Here you can search for a group by typing in a keyword at the Group Center. You can also look up groups by theme, such as Antiques under the Collectors Clubs section, or by Region, such as all groups in New Jersey. We also have eBay Groups based on personal or professional interests such as Seller Groups, and if you’re new, check out our Mentoring area in Groups, where you can find experienced eBay members to help you get started buying and selling. Go to the Group Center now.

Tip: You can always reach the Group Center page by clicking the Community button in the top Navigation Bar, and then clicking the “Groups” link under the “Connect” section. Don’t forget to bookmark the page in your Web browser.

Note: The Groups Information Center under the “News & Events” section is a special group devoted to providing support for all groups on eBay.

Learn more about:

  • Groups Guidelines – Review the guidelines to become a Group leader or learn about the roles and responsibilities of membership and much more.

  • Groups Usage Policy – Describes the Groups Usage Policy, which are the rules that apply to your use of the Groups system available on

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