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Using Community Help Boards

The Community section on eBay offers many ways you can reach out to other members.

Answer Centre

If you need a quick answer, the eBay Answer Centre is good place to start. You can get answers from experienced eBay members, oftentimes on the same day. You can also search the postings in the Answer Centre to see if others have had the same question.

How to use the Answer Centre.

Community Help Boards

If you're new to eBay or are interested in finding out more about international trading, Community Help Boards. These Discussion Boards are areas where eBay members and staff moderators discuss issues and express opinions, and solve problems together. You can browse Help Board topics, post a message, and reply to a message.

How to use Community Discussion Boards.

Important: Community Boards are great for sharing best practices, finding friends, HTML assistance, help with tools, and emotional support. However, eBay is not responsible for the accuracy of the answers, or the content of any opinions or statements on Community boards. So if your question involves Trust and Safety policies, account security, or site issues, it is best to get the information directly from eBay.

Tips for getting help from other eBay members

Keep these things in mind when you’re looking for help from other eBay members: 

  • If you're stumped, try the Help section first by clicking the "Help" link at the top of most eBay pages and entering terms in the Help Search box. Reading up first can give you a basic foundation to ask more specific questions.

  • Before you post a question, check if the answer is already available on another thread.

  • You can post your question in multiple Community locations. But make sure the question isn’t already answered somewhere else before you post it again. You need to search each Discussion Board separately. Some of the more active Community members are regularly posting to more than one board.

  • Before you post a question, it is a good idea to be familiar with the rules including eBay’s Discussion Board Policy.

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