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Changing Your eBay User ID

Your User ID is the unique nickname you choose for signing in when you first register at eBay. You can change your User ID (once in a 30-day period) by going to the Change User ID page.

Before changing your User ID, review the following important information.

  • When you change your User ID, the change will appear immediately, even in listings you're participating in.

  • eBay will automatically attach your member and other important account information, including your Feedback Score, to your new User ID.

  • The "Changed ID" icon will also appear next to your User ID for 30 days.

  • Your old User ID can't be used by anyone else at eBay for 30 days.

  • You can only change your User ID once every 30 days. This is to prevent confusion for other members. Your User ID is a valuable asset, like your Feedback profile. Trading partners will come to recognise you by your User ID, so it's a good idea to choose one you'll want to use long term.

Note: As of November 2001, User IDs that are an email address, a URL, or a lookalike are not allowed. For more information, see the User IDs Policy.

If you'd like, you can also change your password.

Tip: If you forget your User ID, you can have it sent to your registered email address.

What You Can’t Include in a User ID

The following list includes characters and elements you can't include in a User ID:

  • The @, &, , <, or > character.

  • Spaces or tabs.
    Tip: You can instead use a hyphen to represent a space.

  • Elements that imply an email address or URL (for example,, including but not limited to .com, .net, .org, .edu or any variation of such (for example, _com or -com). Your User ID can, however, contain an element of an email address or URL which, when viewed outside the context of the email address or URL, serves to identify you or your brand (for example, xyz).

  • Consecutive underscores __.

  • An underscore _, hyphen -, or period . at the beginning of a User ID (for example, -pezcollector).

  • The word eBay (only eBay employees can use the word eBay in their User IDs).

  • The letter e followed by numbers.

  • Obscene or profane words that violate eBay's guidelines. See eBay’s rules on profanity.

  • The same User ID as another seller or similar to an eBay Store name.

  • A term that is similar to, or might be confused with, a third-party's trademark or brand (for example, CocaColaSeller).

Note: If you received the message User ID Invalid, you may have included a character that is not allowed in a User ID, such as !, #, $, %, or &.

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