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About eBay Blogs

An eBay Blog (Web log) gives you an online publishing tool to share your opinions with the rest of the eBay Community. Blogs can be used for a variety of purposes: to enhance an eBay Store, share personal experiences or talk about the kinds of collectables you like to win on eBay. What you write on your eBay Blog is up to you because it's all about you.

You can:

  • Create your eBay Blog

  • Customise your blog

  • Create blog entries

Creating your eBay Blog

To create a blog:
  1. Go to,, or and click View Your Blog.

  2. On the Create Your Blog page, use the fields to name your blog and write a brief description of what your blog will be about.

  3. Enter words that describe your blog so other people can find you through search. If you know basic HTML, you can personalise your blog and blog entries using pieces of HTML code eBay created especially for member pages.

  4. Click Submit to view your new blog and start posting.

Once you submit this information and create your blog, you can change settings and your blog's appearance by clicking the Change Settings and Customise Blog tabs.

The URL you can share with others is,, or

Customising your blog

If you want your blog to have its own special look, you can use our advanced customising tools. (You'll need some experience with Cascading Style Sheets to use this feature.)

To customise your blog:
  1. Click the "Advanced" link on the Customise page.

  2. Enter your own CSS in the text area. Please be sure to save a copy of your code on your desktop.

  3. When done, you can save or reset the CSS field. You can always revert back to a standard style (or theme) at any time.

Creating blog entries

After you decide how your blog will look, you're ready to start writing blog entries. eBay blogs allow you to create and edit HTML easily in either a rich text editor or edit HTML code directly. If you know basic HTML, you can personalise your blog and blog entries with pieces of HTML code eBay created especially for member pages.

To create an entry:
  1. You will be prompted to create your first entry when you create your blog. Or, select "New entry" in your "Owner Tools" in the left nav bar to write an entry at any time.

  2. Give your blog entry a title.

  3. Write your thoughts in the entry field. You can use the commands at the top of the entry field to add photos or HTML to your entry.

When you're ready to publish, save your entry to draft. Be sure to review before you publish – you can always go back and edit.

If you want to change the way your posts and comments are displayed, and when you’re ready to publish your blog, click the "Settings" link. You can also use this link to delete your blog from the eBay website.

Blog entries appear in reverse chronological order, so the newest entry is always on top. Other members can read your blog and comment on it, but you'll be able to delete inappropriate comments.

A great way to profile your blog content is to create an eBay My World page. There, you can feature your blog with highlights of your latest posts.

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