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Problems with Your Account

If you have a question about your eBay account or the billing process, please review the information below. If you do not find the information you are looking for, please contact us.

Problem Solution

I forgot my password.

Go to the Forgot Your Password page to verify your identity. Follow the instructions to complete the process.

I forgot my User ID.

Go to the Forgot User ID page and complete the information. Follow the instructions to complete the process. eBay will send you the User ID.

I need to update my contact information.

Go to the Registration Information page and complete the information. For more information, see Updating Contact Information.

I want to become a seller.

To start the process, click Sell at the top of any eBay page. You will be asked to:

  1. Submit a credit card for verification

  2. Choose how to pay seller fees

My credit card is not accepted.

Many pre-paid cards are not acceptable for seller verification. Please verify with the card issuer that:

  • The card does not have an Internet/phone order block.

  • The billing address your bank has for you is identical to the one you are entering.

For additional information, see Solving Credit Card Problems.

I received an email about updating my credit card.

To confirm the email you received was from eBay. Sign in to eBay, go to My eBay, and check My Messages. For more information, see Recognise Spoof Mails.

eBay sends email to update your card before it expires, to prevent interruption of your account at the end of the expiration period.

My account is on hold or suspended due to non-payment.

To remove the hold on your account you should pay the full account balance, so there is $0.00 owing. For more information, see Reinstating Your Account.

I don't understand an account charge.

Review your account status page to see a running list of fees. Next to each fee for an item you will find an item number. The items listed within the last 90 days can be located using their item number, paste the item number into any eBay search box. For more information, see Your Account Status.

If you still need assistance with a specific fee on your account, contact us.

I need to provide a credit card before listing an item to sell.

To continue listing items for sale, a valid credit card must be on file for your account, even if you are using another payment method for fees.

I requested a refund for a credit balance

Before requesting a refund, please ensure that the account you have on file for automatic payments is the same account that you last used to submit payment toward the account (for credit card and checking account payments).

When you have updated your Registration Information on file, please request a refund.

I don’t want to bill an amount to my card/account on file.

Once you have been invoiced, your account is scheduled for an automatic payment to the information on file at the time of invoicing. If you have at least 5 days before your automatic payment, you can submit an immediate one-time payment for the full invoice amount; this will stop the automatic payment.

If you do not have at least 5 days between the posting of your one-time payment and the invoice payment, there is not sufficient time to stop the automatic process.

I have a duplicate payment on my invoice.

If your eBay account has a credit balance that you will not use, you can request a refund.

This occurs most often because a one-time payment has been made after the account has already been invoiced. For more information, see Making a One-Time Payment.

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