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eBay for users with special access needs

We work hard to make sure that everyone who wants to use eBay can do so, and have a positive experience. We do this in several ways:

  • We make links on our site descriptive and provide alternative text for images to help people using assistive technology such as screen reader software.

  • We consider accessibility when we design new eBay pages or update existing pages.

  • We increase the contrast between fonts and backgrounds to make pages easier to read.

  • We make eBay easier to navigate without using a mouse.

  • We've trained our Customer Support agents to assist users with disabilities.

Using a screen reader to buy an item

You can shop for almost anything on eBay. Get started by following these steps.

To buy an item using a screen reader:
  1. When you visit the eBay home page, the focus will automatically be placed in the search edit box (labeled "Enter your search keyword"). From the home page, you can also browse our list of categories, which are listed as headings level 3 under the "Shop your favorite categories" section (heading level 2).

  2. Once you've performed a search, choose an item to review or refine your search. Activating a refinement option link will trigger a full page reload. You'll find more information on how to search for an item and navigate search results in the next section of this page, "Searching for an item."

  3. Once you've chosen an item to review, you'll be taken to the listing page, where you'll find an item description, seller information, and can also place a bid. To return to the search results, activate the "Back to search results" link.

  4. To place a bid, activate the "Place bid" button.

  5. You may be asked to sign in to complete your bid.

  6. Enter your bid in the "Your max bid" edit box. Activate the "Continue" button.

  7. You'll be taken to the "Review and confirm bid" page, where you can review the information. Activate the "Confirm bid" button to complete the transaction.

  8. The confirmation page will tell you if your bid is currently the highest bid. If it's not, you'll be given the option to increase your maximum bid. If you choose to do so, enter a new bid and activate the "Confirm bid" button to complete the transaction.

Learn more about bidding on eBay.

Get information on how to pay for an item in the "Paying for an item" section of this page.

Using a screen reader to search for an item

To search for an item:
  1. On the eBay home page, enter search keywords in the "Enter your search keyword" edit box.

  2. To select a search category, press "Tab" and choose an appropriate value from the "Select a category for search" combo box.

  3. Press "Enter" to begin your search.

You can also browse a list of eBay categories on the home page. The categories are listed as headings level 3 under the "Shop your favorite categories" section (heading level 2). You can skip directly to the main content of the home page by selecting the "Skip to main content" link.

On the search results page, you can review the items that match your search keywords, or refine your search.

To review an item:
  1. Select the "Skip to main content" link.

  2. Move through the search results using the "Tab" key. Activate the link for the item you want to review or bid on.

To refine your search results:
  1. Select the "Category," "Condition," "Price," "Seller," or "Location" options (located under headings level 3) to make your results more specific to the type of product you're looking for. Be aware that activating any of these option links will trigger a full page reload.

  2. You can also filter based on listing type ("All items," "Auctions only," or "Buy It Now only") by activating these option links. Each of these are available as links (headings level 2), and activating them will trigger a full page reload.

Learn more about searching for items by keyword and get tips for better searching.

Listing sections:

When you select an item from search results, you'll be taken to the listing page, which contains information about the item and seller. Here are the main sections:

  • Bid: This section has the full item name as its heading (level 1), and contains information on time left, bid history, price, item condition, shipping price, and return policy. It also allows you to specify a quantity and place a bid or use Buy It Now. To place a bid, enter your bid in the edit box labeled "Your max bid," and then activate the "Place bid" button.

  • Description section (heading level 2): This default tab contains specific information about the item. Choose any available subsection to review additional information about your item.

  • Shipping and payments (heading level 2): This tab includes subsections which list shipping and handling details, return policy, and payment details. Its content is hidden by default so you'll need to activate it to find the content (doing so will hide the "Description" tab's content).

  • Other item info (heading level 2): Contains information such as item number and location.

Find more information about listings on the listing help page.

Using a screen reader to pay for an item

You can use any of the payment options listed by the seller. To pay for an item electronically:

  1. Activate the "Pay Now" button in the listing or email notification.

  2. You'll be taken to the "Review your purchase page," which contains shipping and order details (heading level 2). Review the information for accuracy, and then activate the appropriate button to complete your purchase electronically (for example, "Continue with PayPal").

  3. On the "Choose a payment method page," select a payment option. For instance, if PayPal is selected, log in with your PayPal account email and password (or sign up for one, if you don't have a PayPal account).

  4. On the "Confirm your payment page," review your information, and then activate the "Confirm payment" button. Your purchase is now complete.

Using a screen reader to sell an item

Whether you're starting a business or just want to make some extra cash, it's easy to sell on eBay.

To sell an item:
  1. Create a seller account. Here's how:

    1. Choose your payment method, which is how you'd like to pay your eBay fees (learn more about fees for selling on eBay). The options are indicated by a choice between 3 radio buttons with the following labels: "Verification method" (this option is equivalent to selecting PayPal as your payment method), "Credit or debit card," or "Bank account." Choose one, and then activate the "Continue" button.

    2. Confirm your identity by phone, either by using the number you provided during registration (this is the default option), or by activating the "Change" link to provide a different number. Choose "Call me now" or "Call me in 2 minutes," and then activate the "Call me" button. If you don't want to be called, activate the "No thanks, verify my identity another way" link. Once you've received your PIN, enter it into the "Enter your confirmation code" form field on the following page, and then activate the "Continue" button.

    3. To use PayPal to pay selling fees, register or sign in to your PayPal account.

    4. Review the "Billing Agreement for Automatic PayPal Payments to eBay," and then activate the "I agree" button. You're now ready to create your first listing.

  2. Create a listing. Once you've created a seller account (see above), create a listing by following these 3 main steps:

    1. Select the category which best describes the item you're selling. You can search for appropriate categories, or browse all available categories.

      • Search categories. Enter a UPC, ISBN, or the name of your item into the search box with that label and press "Enter" to perform a search. Next, use the "Tab" key to move the focus past the "Search categories" and "Browse categories" links to the first check box, which indicates the first suggested category match. Select an appropriate category, and activate the "Continue" button.

      • Browse categories. Activate the "Browse categories" link, and move the focus to the "Categories" list. Use the arrow keys to select an appropriate category, and press the "Tab" key to move the focus forward. Depending on the category selected, you'll be presented with more subcategory lists to further refine your category listing. Make a choice in each such list (moving the focus forward with "Tab"), until you get to the "Success" link. Activate the "Continue" button.

    2. Choose a listing form, either "More listing choices" (the first "Go" button) or "Keep it simple" (second "Go" button). If you choose "Keep it simple," you'll create an auction-style listing that can display up to 4 pictures. The "More listing choices" form provides more selling formats, listing layouts, and other options.

    3. Create your listing in the following 5 simple steps (if "Keep it simple" was selected in the previous step), all available as headings level 2:

      1. Create a title, in 80 characters or less, by entering the title into the Describe your item box.

      2. Add photos by activating the "Add photo" dialog (opens in a new window, which automatically closes once the upload finishes).

      3. Add a description. Using the combo boxes, specify item details such as item condition, size, style, and more.

      4. Set a price and shipping details. Enter the start price in the "Start auction bidding at" edit box, and choose the auction length from the "lasting for" combo box. If you want to add a Buy It Now price, select the "Add Buy It Now price" check box, and then enter the price into the "Buy It Now" edit box. Choose a shipping destination service from the "Shipping service" combo box and enter a shipping cost into the edit box with that label. To have shipping costs automatically calculated for buyers, activate the "Shipping Calculator" link.

      5. Select how you'll be paid. For PayPal, enter your PayPal email address in the "PayPal email address" edit box, review the insertion fee (before the "Help on Fees" link), and then activate the "Save and preview" button. Finally, review your listing (new page) and then activate the "List your item" button. Your item is now listed for sale.

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