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Product safety policy

Products that pose a health or safety hazard aren't allowed.

In Singapore, the Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board (SPRING Singapore) is appointed as the "Safety Authority" to administer the Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Registration Scheme (CPS Scheme). SPRING Singapore ensures that consumer products which are designated as controlled goods meet the specified safety standards and are safe for normal use. Registration of controlled goods with SPRING Singapore is mandatory before they can be advertised, traded or displayed for sale in Singapore.

Controlled items which are not registered in accordance with the safety requirements or which do not have a valid SAFETY Mark affixed are liable to recall and suppliers of such recalled items are required to take all necessary steps to inform users of the potential danger resulting from the use of such items.

Policy overview

eBay strongly supports the efforts of SPRING Singapore to protect consumers against potentially hazardous goods. eBay does not permit the listing of items that have been identified by SPRING Singapore as "controlled goods" which do not have a valid SAFETY Mark on the product or packaging.

The following types of items are not allowed:

  • Products recalled by a manufacturer or another government agency.
  • Items that pose a health or safety hazard as specified by any government agency.
  • Items whose sale is prohibited by law or regulation due to health & safety concerns.

Current information about recalled products and products that pose health or safety hazards can be found on the following websites:

Please review and comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries to which you ship. To protect buyers and sellers, we will remove any item that is reported to us as recalled or otherwise unsafe from any of the regulatory authorities worldwide.

Certain items have regulations for how they can be listed. The following types of items must comply with these safety standards:

  • Toy magnets with small pieces that can be swallowed or that may appeal to children are not allowed. Small magnets must only be listed as fasteners and listed in the Business & Industrial > Fasteners & Hardware > Magnets category
  • Laser pointers must have an output of 1mW or less and be a class 1, 1M, 1C, 2/II, or 2M/IIM. Military, tactical, or "high powered" lasers are not allowed.
  • Smoke or carbon monoxide detectors must be from one of the approved brands. Unbranded and unsafe brands of smoke or carbon monoxide detectors are not allowed.
  • 18650 batteries cannot be listed individually, as they are not intended for sale to consumers and can be potentially hazardous to consumers when handled, transported, stored or charged. 18650 batteries must be pre-installed.
  • Products where the button battery is easily accessible are illegal. Button batteries are easily swallowed and can cause health issues or death.
  • Products that require a CE Mark/UK CA Mark need to bear a CE/UK CA Mark and the seller needs to include this information in the item description while having the required documentation available.
  • Only eligible sellers can list cribs, and all cribs must comply with federal safety standards issued by the CPSC, which must be included in the listing. Crib bumpers and used cribs are not allowed.
  • Only eligible sellers can list child car safety seats, and all car seats must comply with applicable safety standards. Sellers are required to include in the item description that the product (child restraint system) is approved according to UN regulation No. 44 or UN Regulation No. 129. For more information, click here - opens in new window or tab. Used car seats are not allowed.
  • Only eligible sellers can list new bicycle helmets. Used bike helmets are not allowed.

Violations of this policy may result in a range of actions, including:

  • Listing cancellation
  • Loss of eBay fees
  • Limits placed on account privileges
  • Account suspension

Some examples

An example of an item that has been the subject of action by SPRING Singapore:

  • Sun Moon table lamp (model MT 4609)

Items that have been the subject of SPRING Singapore control include (but are not limited to):

  • Hairdryer
  • Adaptor
  • Air cooler
  • Home computer system (inclusive of monitor, speaker and other mains-operated accessories)
  • Vacuum cleaner

For a complete list of goods and models which are "controlled", please visit SPRING Singapore's Web site


Additional information

Sellers on eBay should take a few minutes to check with SPRING Singapore to ensure that the products they're selling do not fall under the list of controlled goods if they do not have a valid SAFETY Mark on the product or packaging. To date, SPRING Singapore has registered more than 22,000 models of controlled goods.


The SAFETY Mark helps consumers and traders to identify registered controlled goods. All registered controlled goods must be individually marked with the SAFETY Mark either on the product or packaging. The SAFETY Mark comprises a "safety logo" enclosed in a square on the left and the words "SAFETY MARK" within a rectangle on the right. Below these is a unique 8-digit registration number traceable to the registrant and the registered models.

For more information, please refer to the Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Regulations as well as the Singapore Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Regulations Booklet. - opens in new window or tab.

Buyers on eBay should educate themselves about controlled items and ensure that all products are duly marked with the safety logo. Also consider consulting the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) Web site - opens in new window or tab, which protects the interests of buyers with regards to controlled goods.

Please see our Product Safety Guidance document - opens in new window or tab for more information.


Why does eBay have this policy?

eBay urges its sellers and buyers to comply with all governmental laws and regulations. Since certain controlled items need to be registered and compliant with the safety requirements, failing which they are liable to be recalled, and because such items may cause harm to eBay or its members, sellers may not list them on eBay.

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