Academic software policy

Academic software is software sold at significantly discounted prices to students, faculty members and educational institutions.

Academic Software

Do not list academic copies of software on eBay unless you are authorised to do so as an educational reseller, an educational institution, a student or a faculty member.


Some Examples

Jamie purchased an academic version of Microsoft Word from her school bookstore when she was a student. Now, two years after graduation, she wants to sell her copy of Microsoft Word. Unless she verifies with Microsoft that she is allowed to resell her software, she may not list her copy of Word on eBay because it violates eBay's academic software policy.


Additional Information

Software companies may have different policies regarding the sale, resale or transfer of academic products. In general, sellers may list academic copies of software on eBay if they are an authorised educational reseller for that company. Students and faculty are also sometimes allowed to resell academic software. Check with your school or software company for more information. Sellers can also try to contact the software maker directly.

Sellers who want to find out if they are allowed to resell their academic software should start by looking at the software maker’s About Me page on the eBay site. Sellers can also try to contact the software maker directly.

Under copyright laws, the owner of a copy of a copyrighted work is generally entitled to resell the particular copy they own. If a seller has licensed the right to use a particular copyrighted item (as is the case with most software), they should review the license and consult with their attorney to determine whether they can resell the item.

Sellers authorised to sell academic software should make sure to say so in their listing.


Why does eBay have this policy?

Software usually has licensing restrictions that limit where and when the software can be sold. It is illegal and against eBay policy to violate the software’s licensing agreement.

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