Here's what you need to know about international shipping to China:

  • Once the item leaves the overseas package processing center of HDB for your place of residence/business, eBay Money Back Guarantee will no longer be applicable.
  • The shipping address of the buyer must be located in China.
  • The listing price of the item must be no more than CNY 2,000.
  • Shipping costs are outlined here.
  • Each transaction of shipping services is applicable to (1) item.
  • The services do not apply to auction items and Best Offer items.
  • The services do not apply to second-hand items.
  • The carrier (HDB) will make an open box inspection upon the receipt of the item you have purchased.
  • Please read the full terms and conditions of HDB Agreement.

Please see the information below for more details.

Terms and Conditions of International Shipping by the Carrier

eBay works with third party carriers to provide shipping Services to deliver items to buyers located at a specific address (collectively, the "Services"). Your use of the Services is subject to these terms. eBay can revise these terms at any time by releasing updated terms on, including completely canceling the Services. Relevant eBay User Agreement, User Privacy Notice and all eBay policies are incorporated in these terms by reference. You agree to abide by these terms when you are using the Services.

Buyers Need to Know

1. What is the Services content?

We provide international shipping services through third party carriers as we look to enable global buyers to purchase items listed on The Services make it possible for you (as a buyer) to buy applicable items on US stores that are not purchasable before due to a lack of shipping methods by sellers. When you purchase items and use corresponding shipping services of the carrier, the seller will send the item to HDB US Package Processing Center upon the receipt notification of the payment by the buyer. As a third party provider of international shipping services, HDB is responsible for the whole delivery process including customs clearance and international shipping. Using the Services will entail shipping service costs for using the service.

2. What items do the Services apply to?

The Services allow specific applicable inventory items to be delivered from the United States to buyers located in China. Buyers whose addresses are located in China will be eligible to see all inventory items that meet the following conditions:

  • Inventory items are listed on
  • Inventory items are no more than 5 kilograms (11 pounds)
  • The shipping address of the buyer is located in China
  • The listing price of the item is no more than CNY 2,000

The Services do not apply to second-hand items, auction items, and Best Offer items.

The Services dictate that each transaction contains only one item. Buyers can use the Services to purchase multiple items, but international shipping services for each item must be purchased accordingly.

3. How to check whether inventory items meet the conditions or not?

For example, find the instruction in "Check Item Page" as below to start the process:

4. How do the Services charge?

Both domestic shipping within the United States and international shipping will be subject to corresponding charges.

  • The service costs of international shipping will be borne by the buyer. Please refer to the costs tablefor more details.
  • The carrier will charge you all the shipping costs of your item covering from the US Processing Center to your delivery address. You don't need to pay any other costs.
  • Domestic shipping within the United States may be subject to charges.

5. Customs

You don't need to worry about customs issues. The carrier will deal with all issues related to customs and international shipping. If any abnormal situation occurs, the carrier may contact you about the delivery of the item.

In accordance with the rule of routed export transaction in US Export Administration Regulations and Foreign Trade Regulations, you (both as a buyer and foreign principal party in interest) will agree to assume the responsibility of export delivery with HDB serving as the shipping agent. You are responsible for the accuracy of relevant information provided for items, and you agree to provide other information in time when required.

6. Returns

In some cases, the item you have received does not match the one you ordered or the item has been damaged in transit. This section illustrates the procedure that will be implemented under such circumstances and what you can do about it.

What to do if you change your mind and want to cancel the order?

  • If you cancel the order upon the agreement of the seller, you must contact the carrier to cancel the Services. You will receive the refund of the whole transaction once everything is settled properly.
  • f the seller refuses to cancel the order or does not respond to your order cancelation request, the order will be processed as normal and you need to pay relevant costs.

What to do if the item received is not the one you ordered or it is damaged?

  • Upon the receipt of the item you have purchased, HDB will make an open box inspection in accordance with the customs regulations of China. If HDB believes the item does not match the description or it is damaged, it will contact you about the issue.
  • You can file a claim on eBay in accordance with eBay Money Back Guarantee policy within 30 days. If HDB has already arranged the delivery and your item is in transit, you will no longer be covered by eBay Money Back Guarantee.
  • After a claim is filed, the seller will send you the shipping label and you need to provide the label to HDB as soon as possible. You must provide the label to the carrier within 5 (five) days, or the claim will expire and the transaction concludes.
  • If the item has not arrived at HDB US Processing Center by the estimated delivery date, you must contact the seller, instead of HDB, to confirm the item status or request a claim.
  • If the buyer receives a damaged item or the item is missing after it is sent to HDB, the buyer must contact HDB to confirm the item status or request a claim.
  • If the item received by the buyer does not match the description, the buyer can contact the seller for a solution. After the buyer and the seller agree on the return, they can contact HDB.

What to do if you have never received the item?
  • If your item has not been delivered to the carrier in time, the carrier can contact and inform you that it has not received your item. In this case, you can file a claim to the seller on eBay.
  • If an issue occurs during the time when your item is being delivered by the carrier to you, please contact the carrier directly for details.

What to do if you have not signed for purchased items?
  • In some cases, a delivery issue may occur due to wrong shipping address, incorrect delivery time and so on. If an attempt has been made to deliver the item but failed, HDB will arrange local delivery. If HDB is unable to deliver the package within thirty (30) days, the delivery will be canceled without further attempt. The buyer must contact HDB to confirm the delivery status of items. You are not eligible to receive any refund of shipping or item costs.

7. eBay Money Back Guarantee

As HDB begins processing purchased items and implements the procedure of international shipping, eBay Money Back Guarantee will no longer be applicable. As stated above, the buyer will not be covered by eBay Money Back Guarantee (eMBG) when items are in transit to the buyer. In this case, the buyer should file any claim to HDB directly.

8. The liability for item missing or damage when it is held by the carrier

The carrier will buy insurance for the item for the period of time when it is held by the carrier. The carrier will be liable for the reimbursement to you if any item is missing, damaged or stolen when it is held by the carrier.

  • Under any circumstances, the total reimbursement amount that the carrier (or any third party) needs to pay you is no more than the price of the item sold on eBay. If the item has not been sold, the reimbursement amount shall not exceed the average sale price of the nearly identical item (identical in functions, features and item status) that has been sold 90 days before the adjudication of liability is made.
  • eBay or the carrier will not assume any liability for any missing or damaged items resulting from the following reasons:
    • Internal defects, wear, spoilage, degradation, and hidden or potential defects
    • Property seizure or destruction under the order of a government department; or
    • War, military action, rebellion or revolution.


1. Privacy Right

The carrier may collect your personal information that you have provided to access the Services, such as your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. The collected personal information will only be used to provide services for you and any other services your request. The carrier may share your personal information with eBay so that eBay can evaluate and improve relevant services while strengthening trust and security. The carrier may also share your personal information with service providers that assist it with business operation. Without your express permission, the carrier will not sell or rent your personal information to any third party for market promotion. The carrier can consolidate your information with the information collected by other companies for the improvement and provision of personalized services and advertisements.

2. Third Party Services/Non-agent

Services are provided by third party carriers. If you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement, the carrier will provide services for you. Carriers are not agencies of eBay. HDB is a carrier that provides solutions to international shipping. The address of HDB US Processing Center:

HDB US Processing Center
14491 NE Airport Way
Portland, OR 97230-9611
Telephone Number: 971-407-3257

At any time, eBay does not hold any items that are delivered through shipping services provided by carriers.

3. Breach of Contract

On the condition that no other remedies (including the right of offset) are restricted, eBay can terminate the Services and reject your future access to the Services if any of the following situation occurs: (A) You have violated this Agreement, including User Agreement, Privacy Notice and Policies incorporated into this Agreement; (B) eBay believes your action may cause financial loss or legal liability to you, to the carrier, to eBay or to any affiliated companies or clients of eBay; (C) any of your declaration or guarantee is false or inaccurate; or (D) eBay suspects any fraudulent or inappropriate behavior.

If you have other questions

Please read the full terms and conditions of HDB Agreement or contact HDB via e-mail ( HDB provides services during normal working hours and is pleased to offer you any help.

Appendix - HDB eBay rate table

HDB's rate table is inserted for your reference only. Please visit HDB's listing page for official rates.


Product Value Range(USD)

Shipping Cost (up to 1kg)

Channel Description

U.S. Oregon Warehouse

0 to 34.99 USD

Special price: 10 USD

Shipping cost standard

The shipping costs for different categories of goods varybased on the weight of the goods.

Channel requirements

1. Identity document requirements: The recipient's real name, ID number, and photos of the front and back of the recipient's identity document (which shows the same name and ID number) must be provided for identity verification by the customs system. Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan ID numbers cannot be used.

2. Duplicate name restriction: In a single shipment batch, multiple packages cannot have the same name. Duplicate name definition: A duplicate name refers to packages with the same ID number, cell phone number, and/or address (including similar addresses). Duplicate names will affect the timeliness of customs clearance.

3. Amount requirements: The total value of a single package cannot be greater than or equal to 2000 RMB. In a single year, the total transaction amount of a single individual cannot exceed 26,000 RMB.

4. Quantity requirements for normal goods: The number of goods in a package cannot exceed the range of reasonable personal use by an individual. The total quantity of normal goods in a single package cannot exceed eight.

5. Requirements for cosmetics, purses, and health products: Cosmetic goods: The weight of a single package must be less than 2 kg and the total number of items cannot exceed eight (free items are counted in this total). The number of identical cosmetic products cannot exceed five and the number of cosmetic sets cannot exceed one. A single package may contain no more than one purse. A single package may contain no more than six bottles of heath products.

6. Declaration requirements: The declaration shall indicate the authentic product names, brands, values, quantities, and models (if there is no fixed model, the specifications/capacities (e.g. grams or milliliters) can be reported; for example, declarations for health products shall indicate the number of tablets per bottle, declarations for cosmetics shall indicate the number of milliliters or grams, declarations for milk powder shall indicate the number of grams per can/bag, and declarations for apparel and footwear shall indicate women's/men's/children's and the sizes). The full brand name must be written in English uppercase letters. Do not use an abbreviation, lowercase letters, or the Chinese brand name.


1. The fees include customs duties, transshipment freight, eBay handling fees, and other fees. Haidaibao has full rights of interpretation in this matter.

2. If a package is returned, a return shipment fee (based on the local USPS rate in the U.S.) and an operations fee of 5 USD per package are charged.

3. Second-hand goods and other prohibited classes of goods cannot be transshipped.

4. In the case of an abnormal package, the issue will be promptly handled after a Haidaibao customer service agent contacts the consumer or the consumer proactively contacts Haidaibao. If the matter is not resolved after 90 days, Haidaibao will handle the matter unilaterally.

35 to 49.99 USD

11.50 USD

50 to 59.99 USD

12.65 USD

60 to 69.99 USD

13.80 USD

70 to 79.99 USD

14.95 USD

80 to 89.99 USD

16.10 USD

90 to 99.99 USD

17.25 USD

100 to 109.99 USD

18.40 USD

110 to 119.99 USD

19.55 USD

120 to 129.99 USD

20.70 USD

130 to 139.99 USD

21.85 USD

140 to 149.99 USD

23.00 USD

150 to 159.99 USD

24.15 USD

160 to 169.99 USD

25.30 USD

170 to 179.99 USD

26.45 USD

180 to 189.99 USD

27.60 USD

190 to 199.99 USD

28.75 USD

200 to 209.99 USD

29.90 USD

210 to 219.99 USD

31.05 USD

220 to 229.99 USD

32.20 USD

230 to 239.99 USD

33.35 USD

240 to 249.99 USD

34.50 USD

250 to 259.99 USD

35.65 USD

260 to 269.99 USD

36.80 USD

270 to 279.99 USD

37.95 USD

280 to 289.99 USD

39.10 USD

290 to 299.99 USD

40.25 USD