Here’s what you need to know about international shipping to Mexico:

  • You are covered by the eBay Money Back Guarantee until the item is shipped by Estafeta to your home/business
  • The shipping address you provide must be complete and located in Mexico
  • Only items with a listing price of less than or equal to US $50 are eligible for international shipping
  • Estafeta’s service is available for one (1) item per transaction
  • International shipping is only available for Buy It Now. Auctions, Best Offer, and other such programs are not eligible
  • Mexican customs regulations require that Estafeta open and inspect your purchased item before sending it to you
  • Please read the full Terms and Conditions of the Estafeta Agreement

See more details below.

International Shipping via Carrier Terms and Conditions

eBay is partnering with third-party carriers to provide carrier services to ship items to buyers in specific locations (collectively referred to as the “Services”). These terms govern your use of the Services. These terms may be amended, including canceling the Services altogether, at any time by posting the updated terms on The eBay User Agreement, User Privacy Notice, and all eBay policies are incorporated by reference. When you purchase Estafeta’s Services, you agree and accept their terms and conditions.


1. What service does Estafeta offer?

International Shipping via Estafeta is one of the ways we make listings available to international buyers on and on eBay’s international sites. For eligible items located in the United States, you (as the buyer) will be able to purchase inventory that would be otherwise unavailable to you. When you purchase an item and Estafeta’s corresponding service, the seller will ship the item to Estafeta’s parcel-processing facility located in the United States once you have paid for your item and Estafeta service. Estafeta, a third-party global shipping provider, will oversee the processing, customs clearance, and international shipment of the item from the seller to you. Their service fee covers all these actions.

a) Once shipments have been received and accepted from the corresponding carriers, custom clearance takes 24 to 48 business hours.
b) Once imported, the ground service to your home/business will be 2 to 5 business days

2. What items are covered by Estafeta’s service?

The Service allows certain eligible eBay inventory to be shipped from the United States to a buyer in Mexico. A buyer with an address in Mexico will see this service on eligible inventory if all of the following conditions are met:

  • The inventory is listed on the website
  • The inventory weighs less than or equal to 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds)
  • The buyer’s shipping address is located in Mexico
  • The total item price is less than or equal to US $50

***The Service is not applicable to Auctions or Best Offer listings.***

***The Service is currently only available on desktop and mobile web platforms.***

***The Service is limited to one item per transaction. Buyer may utilize the Service for more than one item but will need to purchase the item and Service in separate transactions.***

3. How do I know which eBay items are eligible?

Eligible items will have this indicator on their listing:

4. What are the fees associated with Estafeta’s Service?

The fees associated with domestic and international shipping are as follows:

  • The seller of the item may charge a US domestic shipping fee depending on their shipping preferences
  • Estafeta will charge a fee to ship the item from the US to Mexico. This fee includes all customs and dues

5. Customs

Do not worry about customs. Estafeta will handle all the issues related to customs and international shipping. However, if something comes up, they may contact you about your shipment.

Pursuant to a routed export transaction under the U.S. Export Administration Regulations and Foreign Trade Regulations, you as the buyer, as the Foreign Principal Party in Interest, will agree to assume responsibility for the export shipment, with Estafeta acting as your buyer's forwarding agent. You remain liable for the accuracy of the information you provide about items, and you agree to provide timely responses to requests for additional information.

In the case where a package contains more than one item or the item value exceeds the US $50 limit, Estafeta will contact you to determine next steps, additional fees may be applicable.

6. Returns

Sometimes, things happen and an item is not what you ordered or is damaged during the shipping process. This section helps explain what you can do when things go wrong.

What happens if you change your mind and cancel the order?

  • If you cancel the order and the seller approves, you must also contact Estafeta and ask for the shipping service to be canceled. Once this is arranged, you should expect a refund of the entire transaction.
  • If the seller declines to cancel or does not respond to your request to cancel, then the order will be processed as normal and you will be expected to pay the appropriate fees and costs.
  • You will not be entitled to a refund of the carrier service if the shipment process has started.

What happens if Estafeta receives a prohibited item, the item is not as described, or the item is damaged?

  • Once the purchased item is received by Estafeta, they will open and inspect the item, as required by Mexican customs regulations. If Estafeta determines that the item is prohibited, not as described, or is damaged, they will reach out to you to alert you to the issue with the item.
  • If Estafeta contacts you, you have five (5) business days to file a claim on eBay under the eBay Money Back Guarantee program and you will need to coordinate the return with Estafeta.
  • Once the claim is opened, you will need to send the return shipping label via email to Estafeta at as soon as possible. You will have three (3) business days to return the label to the carrier or the claim is void and the transaction is ended
  • Once the item has been shipped by Estafeta, the eBay Money Back Guarantee will no longer apply and you cannot file a claim

What happens if Estafeta does not receive the item from the seller of the item?
  • If your item fails to reach to the carrier in the appointed time, the carrier may contact you to let you know that they have not received the item. At this point, you can file a claim with eBay against the seller of the item.

What happens if you do not receive the item from Estafeta?
  • If something happens to the item in route from Estafeta to you, please contact Estafeta directly for more information. You can also check specific terms and conditions applicable for Estafeta Services.

What happens if Estafeta cannot deliver the item to you?
  • When delivery is attempted but not properly completed, Estafeta will reach out to you to reschedule delivery. If the second delivery attempt fails, Estafeta will hold the package for ten (10) days at the nearest Estafeta office for you to pick up. If you have any questions, please call Estafeta at 01800 378 23 38 and they will assist you. After thirty (30) days the delivery is deemed canceled and there will be no more effort made to deliver the package and you authorize the carrier to donate the item. You are NOT eligible for a refund of the shipping fee or the item price

7. eBay Money Back Guarantee (eMBG)

eBay’s MBG policy applies to the purchased item until it is processed by Estafeta and enters the international portion of the shipment. There are NO eMBG protections for the buyer once the purchased item is shipped by Estafeta to Mexico. At this point, all buyer claims should be directed to Estafeta. Please check resources and applicable rules regarding cases in which Estafeta is or not liable for your item on the terms and conditions applicable for Estafeta Services on the link below.8. Liability for loss or damage while in Estafeta’s possession

Items will be covered by Estafeta while in their possession. You will be reimbursed by Estafeta, for any item that is lost or damaged, or stolen, if the loss or damage is attributable to carrier, up to a maximum amount that will not exceed the equivalent of 30 UMAS (“Unidades de Medida y Actualización”) published by “Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía”.

  • The aggregate liability to you (or any third party) in any circumstance for each item is limited to the price at which the item sold on eBay and if not sold, the average selling price for virtually the same item (with the same features and in the same condition) sold on eBay over 90 days prior to the determination, always considering the liability cap set forth above.
  • Neither eBay nor the Carrier shall be responsible for any loss or damage to items resulting from or caused by the following:
    • Inherent vice, wear and tear, decay, deterioration, hidden or latent defect
    • The seizure or destruction of property by order of governmental authority
    • Theft
    • War, military action, rebellion or revolution
    • Acts of God or force majeure.


1. Privacy

Estafeta may collect the following personal information your name, address, phone number, email address for participation in the Services. Any personal information collected will be used only to provide you the Services and any additional services you request. Estafeta may share your personal information with eBay for eBay to measure and improve the Services and its related services and for trust and safety purposes. Estafeta may also share your personal information with service providers who help with their business operations. Estafeta do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes without your explicit consent. Estafeta may combine your information with information collected from other companies and use it to improve and personalize services and advertising. Estafeta may share information with Customs and other authorities when entitled to request such information by law. Please check the privacy policy of carrier on their site.

2. Third Party Services / No Agency

he Services are provided by third party Carrier. The Carrier will offer you the Services if you agree to be bound by this Agreement and the terms and conditions set forth in the link below. Estafeta is not an agent of eBay. Estafeta is the Carrier that fulfils orders of items that go through this Carrier program. Estafeta is located at:

Estafeta Mexicana
5802 Bob Bullock Loop 20 Suite C1 Pry2
Laredo Texas & 78041
Phone No. - 1 800 378 2338

eBay does not take possession of any items that go through the Estafeta Service at any time.

3. Breach

Without limiting other remedies (including right of setoff), eBay may terminate the Services, and refuse to allow you to access future Services if: (A) you breach this Agreement, including the user agreement, privacy notice, and policies incorporated herein; (B) eBay believes that your actions may cause financial loss or legal liability to you, the Carrier, eBay or any of their affiliates or customers; (C) any of your representations or warranties are false or inaccurate; or (D) eBay suspects any fraud or misconduct.

What if I have more questions?

Please read the full Terms and Conditions of the Estafeta Agreement, or contact Estafeta USA at 1-800-378-2338 or via email at They are available during normal business hours and will be happy to assist you. If you purchase the Estafeta’s Services, you agree and accept the terms and conditions.