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mophie Cell Phone Battery Cases for iPhone 4s

Frequently Asked Questions About mophie Battery Cases for the iPhone 4s

Phone cases help protect your phone from wear and tear. Battery cases from mophie take it a step further; they come with built-in batteries, so you can use your iPhone for longer before losing power, giving you peace of mind when youre nowhere near a charger.

What are some mophie battery cases for the iPhone 4s?

Choose from several different models for the iPhone 4s, including:

  • Juice Pack Air: Lightweight and low-profile, the Air is designed for protection and power without bulk. The soft-touch exterior material is easy to grip, and the full edge coverage helps prevent damage when the phone is dropped.
  • Juice Pack Pro: This heavy-duty case is designed to protect your phone from splashes, sand, dust, and accidental falls. The thick edges help absorb impact so less force reaches your phone.
  • Juice Pack Plus: The Plus case is lightweight and ergonomic, so itu001as designed for comfortable use. Made with a dual-injected hard shell and a rubberized band, it shields your iPhone from impact. This case uses technology that uses the case battery first, then the iPhones charge.
How do you charge a mophie battery case?

Charging these cases is easy. You can charge the case on its own or with the phone inside. If your iPhone is installed in the case, the system will charge the phone battery first, then the case.

  • Charge it: Plug the charging cable into the port on the base of the case.
  • Install it: Plug the other end into a wall outlet or a USB port. When you do, the battery inside the case charges automatically.
  • Take a look: Check the status of your phone battery using the indicator on the screen.
  • Status check: Check the charge level of the case by pushing the Status button. When all of the LEDs light up, the case is fully charged.
How do you control when the case charges your iPhone?

To conserve battery life, the case only charges your iPhone when you want it to. Most cases for the iPhone feature a power button. When your phone charge is getting low, simply switch on the power button to start charging from the case. If you need to save some power for later, turn off the power button. On some models, the case automatically turns off when your phone is fully charged.

Can you charge and sync the phone simultaneously?

Yes. Most cases allow you to charge the case and the phone while you sync the phone to iTunes. To do this, simply connect the charging cable to your computer rather than a power outlet.

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