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adidas Energy Boost Sneakers for Men

Adidas Energy Boost Athletic Shoes for Men

Whether you are walking, jogging, playing basketball, or training for a marathon, the right shoes should match your activity. Adidas Energy Boosts are a type of athletic running shoe for men.

What features do Energy Boost athletic shoes have?

The Energy Boost sneakers from the Adidas brand has constructed and adaptive heels and come in a variety of styles and colors. This insole of the Adidas Energy Boost shoe is also the sock liner. The outer layer of the shoe is the outsole. Other features include:

  • Boost midsole cushioning with a 10mm drop, heel to toe
  • Synthetic sole
  • Rubber Zone Motion outsole
  • Engineered upper-mesh shoe covering
  • Mid drop includes a 32mm heel and 22mm forefront
  • Shoe materials: Upper textile lining and synthetic, rubber outsole
  • Available in sizes 6 through 14.5
  • Single weight of 11 ounces for a size 9
  • Includes over 3,000 energy capsules
  • Dual Torsion System in between the forefront and the heel of the shoe
What are the available colors?

The Adidas Energy Boost athletic shoes come in the following color combinations:

  • Blue and yellow
  • Black and white
  • Black and orange
  • White and silver
  • Green
How do you care for Adidas sneakers?

To properly care for your shoes, follow the manufacturer instructions and consider these care and cleaning tips:

  • Avoid moisture: Whenever possible, avoid getting your shoes wet.
  • Air-dry: If your sneakers do get wet, allow them to air-dry at room temperature. Consider placing crumpled-up pieces of newspapers inside of the shoe to absorb moisture and help the shoes retain their shape as they dry.
  • Clean them gently: Brush off any loose dirt. Use a damp, soft cloth and a mild cleanser to spot clean any smudged-on dirt or stains. Clean as soon as possible after the shoe becomes soiled to help increase the chances of dirt and stains coming out.
  • Care for the laces: You may need to replace your laces periodically if they become worn or soiled. You can remove your laces and hand-wash them in warm soapy water.
  • Storage: When not in use, store your shoes in a clean area at room temperature.
  • Surfaces: For non-knit areas on the shoe, a sneaker cleaner can be used.
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