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Zeiss Cp 2

The ZEISS CP.2: A Glimpse at the Lens of Your Choice

ZEISS entered the business world in the mid-1800s with its optical technology. The agency now provides the camera market with a suitable variety of lenses. From compact, prime, and macro designs, this agency has a variety of lenses to consider, and many are available on eBay.

Does the ZEISS CP.2 have different designs?

The CP.2 is among a number of different lenses provided by this manufacturer. This lens is versatile and is identified as the CP.2 for its compact prime settings. The product is portable and works with a variety of different brands and makes. The lens can also be made to meet different focus settings, image sizes, and with ratios between 35mm, 50mm, and on up to 85mm, depending on your needs. The HDSLR compatibility of these lenses means that they work to provide a high standard for modern video content. These lenses have large imaging sensors as a result of the work they can undergo for video recording.

What is a Compact Prime lens?

The Compact Prime is an innovation that ZEISS is recognized for bringing into the public market. This manufacturer brought the first high-performance lens for HDSLRs that uses cine features in its operation. These lenses are interchangeable to provide the most coverage but without needing to buy a new camera or switch to a different one. Here are some of those lenses:

  • The R4234: This ZEISS model is a compact prime with an angular construction that expands wider at the lip of the lens.
  • The R238: This model has the same angular design but is manufactured to capture images through its 85mm T2.1 setup.
  • Casing: This box set of six lenses has a hard, protective outer-shell with foam inserts for each component not in use.
Can these lenses be used for all cameras?

The ZEISS agency makes their products to fit a variety of cameras. You will need the proper mount or to refer to your user?s manual to replace the camera mount you have. Ideal mounts for this product are ZE and ZF.2 components.

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