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Zebra Zm400

The Zebra ZM400 is Available for All Your Printing Needs

The Zebra ZM400 can print labels and RFID cards for your business. You can find this versatile machine and its supplies on eBay. Here are a few things you need to consider before making a purchase.

What are some features of the affordable Zebra ZM400?

The printer can be used to print or transfer graphics, text, and barcodes. This printer model has a 203dpi resolution. Each printhead is designed with the E3 Element Energy control technology. It includes a 32-bit, high-speed processor for faster print commands. The front face has a real-time clock for more accurate timekeeping. Each machine holds up to 16MB DRAM memory and 8MB flash memory. The rugged metal design can handle heavy-duty printing for all jobs and industrial conditions. The clear window on the media area makes it easier to view your supplies. This models LCD control panel is back-lit with a 240 x 128-pixel display. It features a full menu with options in 16 different languages. The Zebra ZM400 is RFID-ready as well.

Are there any optional features?

You can upgrade the printhead on this model to either 300dpi or 600dpi. The knife can cut labels individually or in strips. This printer also offers two label peel options. A front mount printer accommodates the passive peel option. The linear take-up option will peel the label as it comes out of the machine. An internal rewind option is available to wind print rolls up to 3 inches. The memory can be upgraded to 64MB with a flash option. Smooth bitmap and scalable fonts are an option as well. Some optional ribbon spindles can support side-wound ink cartridges.

What type of media can be used in the machine?

The Zebra printer can print on a wide selection of labels and media forms. These media formats include:

  • Die-Cut
  • Tag Stock
  • Fanfold
  • Notched
  • Black Mark
  • Continuous Form
  • Perforated Label
What programming languages does the Zebra ZM400 use?

This printer communicates in all printable ASCII characters. It is compatible with PC, mini, and mainframe hosts. You can download graphics, label templates, bitmap fonts, and other printable formats. It has an automatic memory allocation while in use. The printer also offers format inversion and mirror-imaging printing as well. The printers field rotation is available at 0┬░, 90┬░, 180┬░, and 270┬░. Label qualities can be programmed to pause, print, and cut on demand. This printer can be used to convert non-Zebra programming languages to be compatible with Zebra commands.

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