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Zebra Lp2824

What You Should Know About the Zebra LP2824 Label Printer

If you own a business that could benefit from being able to print its own barcode labels, then consider the Zebra LP2824 label printer as it comes with many features that will help you meet your label printing needs. There are a lot of different barcode label printers available to purchase on eBay, and you might even consider getting more than one to speed up the label-printing process in your business.

What are the specs of the Zebra LP2824 label printer?

The Zebra LP2824 label printer is a desktop printer that can print labels up to 2.2 inches wide. This printer can serve as a direct thermal printer or as a thermal transfer filter. It is a monochrome printer and can print in 203 dpi at 4 inches per second. It has serial and USB ports available, so you can easily connect it to your devices. The Zebra LP2824 is small enough to fit in a compact space at just 7 inches high by 5.3 inches wide by 9.5 inches deep with a weight of 6.1 pounds. See the manufacturer site for details. It can handle media types black bar, black mark, continuous, continuous receipt, die-cut, fanfold, gap, notch, notched, notch sensing, and several others. For memory it has 8MB of SDRAM and 4MB of flash memory. Other specs are as follows:

  • Label and liner width range: 1.00 inch to 2.36 inches
  • Maximum label and liner length: 39 inches
  • Core diameter: 1.0 inch and 1.5 inches
  • Maximum roll diameter: 5 inches
What is the difference between direct thermal and thermal transfer?

One unique feature of the Zebra LP2824 label printer is that it can print as either a direct thermal printer or as a thermal transfer printer. A direct thermal printer heats thermal paper to produce the images. A thermal transfer printer heats the ribbon to produce images on paper. Be sure to purchase the correct label paper for the type of printing you are choosing.

Are there bulk purchasing options for the Zebra LP2824 printer?

Your business may need to have more than one label printer for convenience and to keep up with demand. There are several options on eBay to purchase more than one Zebra LP2824 printer at a time. There are also used printer options that offer four or more printers at a time as well. Purchasing in bulk this way could help you save money and still get the Zebra LP2824 printers that you need to effectively run your business.

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