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Zebra Gx430t

What You Need to Know About the Zebra GX430T Label Printer

You may need a label printer that can also print barcodes. The Zebra GX430T label printer is made to print monochrome labels that include barcodes, and its available to purchase on eBay at an affordable price.

What are the specs of the Zebra GX430T label printer?

You can connect the Zebra GX430T label printer via USB, serial, ethernet, or parallel port. The printer does not require ink or toner, which saves you money. This printer can use thermal transfer label rolls that have a 1-inch core with a maximum diameter of 5 inches and a maximum width of 4.25 inches. This printer can be used to create address labels, name tags, shipping labels, mailing labels, labels for file folders and binders, in addition to barcode labels. Other specs for the Zebra GX430T label printer include:

  • Print speed - Prints in 300 dpi at four inches per second
  • Printer technology - Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer technologies
  • Dimensions/Weight - 13 x 10.2 x 9.4 inches/6.61 pounds (See the manufacturer site for details.)
What do direct thermal and thermal transfer mean?

A thermal transfer printer uses a ribbon. As the labels are printed, the printer heats the ribbon to transfer wax and resin onto the labels. Ribbons come in more than just black so that you can change colors, but still can only print one color at a time. Labels created this way are scratch resistant and long lasting, so work well for mailing labels and other labels you do not want to fade. Labels can be detailed using this method. Direct thermal printers require no ribbon. The printer applies heat directly to the labels to create the images. They can only print in black. Labels printed with direct thermal are not scratch resistant and do not last as long. The printing disintegrates when left in long-term heat. They are cheaper to print since no ribbon is required. This type of printing is often used with receipts. The Zebra GX430T label printer can print in either method, giving you options for creating different types of labels.

How can you create barcodes for the Zebra GX430T?

Creating barcode labels for the Zebra GX430T label printer is fairly simple. They are designed to facilitate label creation, including creating the type of barcode you choose. The manufacturer has programs available that are compatible with the Zebra GX430T. Youll want to check your computers software to make sure the software is compatible with the barcode creation program.

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